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10 Modern Mid Century Kitchens You Will Love

We have already introduced you to the modern mid century style so today we have decided to continue to explore this home decor trend. Many people feel that modern furniture lacks personality and that the ultimate effect is that all homes look the same – like a hotel suite. Pairing the need to add a touch of personal style with…

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10 Inspiring Makeovers for Small Bedrooms

Change is inevitable in life. We grow up, move out from our childhood home, start a family, look for a house of our own…And even after we have settled in our own home, we still make changes. Every once in a while, we repaint the walls, doors and window frames. We replace outdated and broken down pieces of furniture. And…

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10 Small Bohemian Living Rooms You’d Love

The evolution of home decor is evolving in cycles. Right now, the bohemian style is back in trends. What is bohemian, after all? This style first appeared in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century among young French artists. This style is a reflection of the carefree and frugal lifestyle of writers, painters and sculptors waiting for recognition and,…

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How to Create a Modern Mid-Century Decor in a Small Apartment

The 1960s were an era of liberation in more than one way. The horrors of World War II were slowly fading from the collective memory, economies were thriving again and people wanted to embrace and celebrate life in any possible way. It was the time when artificial materials replaced traditional ones in anything from clothes to furniture and decorations. The…

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How to Add More Space In Your Cupboards

There is nothing more frustrating that having to decide what clothes and shoes to keep and which ones to give away because you have not enough space in your cupboards and closets. Of course, you could bu a new cupboard – but where will you put it in your tiny house? Yes, that is out of the question. But are…

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10 Space Saving Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas

Imagine cooking your favorite dishes: you have all your appliances handy, you work fast and efficiently and you have enough space to move between the kitchen counter and the oven. This dream seems to shatter when you are looking at your small kitchen and the actual available space. There is barely enough space for you to do your basic cooking,…

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