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17 Ways to Display Artwork in a Small Apartment

Everyone loves art in one form or another. Paintings, sculptures, photographs or small handmade decorative items are found in every home, large or small. They are an expression of our personality and a part of the effort to make our homes look and feel welcoming and beautiful. However, people living in small homes need to be careful about how they…

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12 Charming Child Friendly Balcony Ideas

Summer is the season when all the children want to stay outside and play. This is also good for their health, because the sun helps them synthesize vitamin D, which is vital for strong bones. But it is not practical to stay out in the park with the children all the time – you still need to do housework or…

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10 Insect Repellent Plants You Should Have Around Your House

Summer is the season when we keep windows wide open to let sunlight in and ventilate the rooms. But open windows are also an invitation for various insects to fly in the house and refuse to leave. Flies and mosquitoes are not just annoying – they can carry various diseases and put your family at risk. Insecticides are a solution,…

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10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Nothing is better for a healthy life that a good night’s sleep every night. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from sleep related conditions, which affect their health, well-being and performance at work. Insomnia, interrupted sleep, bad sleep positions and other similar problems prevent a lot of us from getting a proper rest and preparing our bodies for another busy…

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How to Add Storage to a Small Balcony

Balconies are extra appendages to apartments which are rarely used to the full extent. This semi-open space can be fully enclosed and turned into a functional area, an extension of your home. You can also keep it open and still create a pleasant and useful place to spend time with your family or pursuing your hobbies. It all depends on…

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12 Beautiful Kitchen Flooring Ideas You’ll Love

If you are planning a full scale renovation of your home, you should not forget about any surface. We are talking mainly about the floor. Floors take the brunt of all our steps, of heavy luggage dragged across it, of large and bulky furniture sitting on it and so on. After the roof, the floors in your house have to…

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