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15 Creative Clothes Storage Ideas

Whenever you decide to declutter your home, some items are always excluded from this purging process: clothes, books and children’s toys. It is hard to part with them and we also cannot stop buying more. Over time, they gather in the most unlikely places and, more than often, you never find the precise item you are looking for. Today we…

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10 Clever Small Utility Room Ideas

Every home, no matter how small, needs a utility room. It is the magical place where clothes go in dirty, smelly and crumpled and get out perfectly clean and neatly folded. For families with small children the chore of doing laundry is even more difficult. And the fact that every inch must be carefully considered when laying out the plan…

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12 Adorable Small Playroom Ideas

Every parent in the world tries to make their children’s lives as full of happiness and love as possible. Playing is children’s number one activity, so toys are some of the most frequent purchases. But children also need a space of their own where to play – the playroom. By allowing them the freedom to use their imagination while playing,…

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17 Ways to Display Artwork in a Small Apartment

Everyone loves art in one form or another. Paintings, sculptures, photographs or small handmade decorative items are found in every home, large or small. They are an expression of our personality and a part of the effort to make our homes look and feel welcoming and beautiful. However, people living in small homes need to be careful about how they…

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12 Charming Child Friendly Balcony Ideas

Summer is the season when all the children want to stay outside and play. This is also good for their health, because the sun helps them synthesize vitamin D, which is vital for strong bones. But it is not practical to stay out in the park with the children all the time – you still need to do housework or…

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10 Insect Repellent Plants You Should Have Around Your House

Summer is the season when we keep windows wide open to let sunlight in and ventilate the rooms. But open windows are also an invitation for various insects to fly in the house and refuse to leave. Flies and mosquitoes are not just annoying – they can carry various diseases and put your family at risk. Insecticides are a solution,…

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