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10 Clever Small Utility Room Ideas

Every home, no matter how small, needs a utility room. It is the magical place where clothes go in dirty, smelly and crumpled and get out perfectly clean and neatly folded. For families with small children the chore of doing laundry is even more difficult. And the fact that every inch must be carefully considered when laying out the plan…

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10 Ideal Bathtub Models for Small Apartments

There is nothing more relaxing than soaking in a hot, scented bath after a long day at work. But for many people living in small homes this is just a dream, having to do with a shower cabin. In truth, most bathtub models are large and would barely fit inside a small bathroom. However, makers of bathtubs have understood that…

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8 Creative Drying Racks for Small Apartments

Doing laundry in a small apartment is a tedious job for anyone. The washing machines are quite bulky and take up lots of space, so, in most of the cases, it is out of the question buying a clothes dryer as well. Some people dry their laundry on the balcony, but not everyone has it. Also, there are zoning regulations…

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How to Use Mirrors to Make a Room Look Bigger

Mirrors are very important in our lives since their invention almost two thousand years ago. They are the witnesses to our vanity and attempts to tame the hair in the morning and wash away the stress and tiredness of a long day at work. But most of all, mirrors are known for their deceptive powers. Phrases like “smoke and mirrors”…

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12 Easy Ideas for Decluttering the Bathroom

The great Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci stated that a bright mind cannot reside in an unwashed body – and this is something that we all agree on. Besides, taking a bath is one of the most relaxing things to do at the end of a busy day at the office or minding the children. The bathroom is a temple…

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15 Ways to Get Extra Storage Out of a Small Bathroom

For people living in a small apartment, improvisation has become a second nature. Especially when it comes to finding storage space for basic necessities. One of the rooms which are designed really tiny in a small house or apartment is the bathroom. In some homes it is barely bigger than a cubicle. Where can you store your toiletries, your towels,…

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