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10 Inspiring Makeovers for Small Bedrooms

Change is inevitable in life. We grow up, move out from our childhood home, start a family, look for a house of our own…And even after we have settled in our own home, we still make changes. Every once in a while, we repaint the walls, doors and window frames. We replace outdated and broken down pieces of furniture. And…

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How to Create a Modern Mid-Century Decor in a Small Apartment

The 1960s were an era of liberation in more than one way. The horrors of World War II were slowly fading from the collective memory, economies were thriving again and people wanted to embrace and celebrate life in any possible way. It was the time when artificial materials replaced traditional ones in anything from clothes to furniture and decorations. The…

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How to Add More Space In Your Cupboards

There is nothing more frustrating that having to decide what clothes and shoes to keep and which ones to give away because you have not enough space in your cupboards and closets. Of course, you could bu a new cupboard – but where will you put it in your tiny house? Yes, that is out of the question. But are…

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How to Create a Study Corner in a Small Apartment

Life in a small apartment is full of challenges. One of these is finding a quiet and private place to arrange book shelves and a desk for studying and doing homework. This challenge is faced both by families with children going to school and by students and young academics who cannot afford anything beyond a studio or a cramped apartment.…

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10 Ways to Accent a Wall in a Small Bedroom

The bedroom is that room in the house where everyone should feel relaxed and rest properly. A good night’s sleep is mandatory for staying healthy and energetic and enjoying life to the full. However, a lot of people cannot fully relax in their small and cramped bedrooms. The sense of being unable to unwind and enjoy the hours spent in…

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How to Use Mirrors to Make a Room Look Bigger

Mirrors are very important in our lives since their invention almost two thousand years ago. They are the witnesses to our vanity and attempts to tame the hair in the morning and wash away the stress and tiredness of a long day at work. But most of all, mirrors are known for their deceptive powers. Phrases like “smoke and mirrors”…

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