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Decorating ideas for small bedrooms

15 Creative Clothes Storage Ideas

Whenever you decide to declutter your home, some items are always excluded from this purging process: clothes, books and children’s toys. It is hard to part with them and we also cannot stop buying more. Over time, they gather in the most unlikely places and, more than often, you never find the precise item you are looking for. Today we…

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12 Adorable Small Playroom Ideas

Every parent in the world tries to make their children’s lives as full of happiness and love as possible. Playing is children’s number one activity, so toys are some of the most frequent purchases. But children also need a space of their own where to play – the playroom. By allowing them the freedom to use their imagination while playing,…

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17 Ways to Display Artwork in a Small Apartment

Everyone loves art in one form or another. Paintings, sculptures, photographs or small handmade decorative items are found in every home, large or small. They are an expression of our personality and a part of the effort to make our homes look and feel welcoming and beautiful. However, people living in small homes need to be careful about how they…

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10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Nothing is better for a healthy life that a good night’s sleep every night. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from sleep related conditions, which affect their health, well-being and performance at work. Insomnia, interrupted sleep, bad sleep positions and other similar problems prevent a lot of us from getting a proper rest and preparing our bodies for another busy…

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12 Amazing DIY Headboard Ideas

The most important element in a bedroom is, obviously, the bed. Change the bed and you change the entire look of the room. But it still feel comfortable! And a good bed is a serious investment, not one to be made lightly and just for its looks. What is the next best thing to revamp your bedroom? Change the headboard,…

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10 Types of Window Blinds for Your Rooms

The summer is the season when we get most of the sunlight, but at times it can be too much, especially during the afternoon. Many people opt for glass panel treatments to block heat and sunlight, but some of these can be very expensive, especially if you have a house with lots of windows. Plus, if the windows breaks, you…

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