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10 Cool Teen Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Time flies so fast when you have kids! Now they are cute babies, now they’ve grown into teenagers and want to express their budding personality. Sadly, only one thing stays the same: the size of the room they live in. This is something many parents have to struggle with: they cannot upgrade their children’s room as they grow up. However,…

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7 Top Small Space Myths Debunked

Living in a tiny apartment with small rooms has many restrictions when it comes to furnishing and decorating. And over the years, the recommendations made by interior designers have become a set of unwritten rules. They are passed on and multiplied across the internet and at a certain point you are told point blank that you “cannot” do this or…

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10 Common Storage Mistakes

Nobody is an expert overnight when it comes to organizing the home and removing clutter. Some of us will learn the hard way how to deal with unnecessary items, others will ask around and find solutions. However, a lot of people continue to make a series of mistakes in designating and using storage areas around the house. They are fighting…

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15 Creative Ways to Store Stuffed Animals

There are few toys as beloved as stuffed animals – and not only by children. Some of them look very realistic, others bear a slight resemblance to reality, but they are all fluffy, soft and cuddly. Small children find it easier to fall asleep with their favorite teddy bear of other stuffed animal in their arms. And as years pass,…

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15 Creative Pillow and Blanket Storage Ideas

The coming of spring means many things for every one of us. We can enjoy the beauty of nature coming back to life. Days are longer and warmer, inviting us to go outside for a walk. And we can finally put away the heavy and warm pillow and blankets and enjoy lighter linen on the bed. But where exactly do…

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10 Inspiring Makeovers for Small Bedrooms

Change is inevitable in life. We grow up, move out from our childhood home, start a family, look for a house of our own…And even after we have settled in our own home, we still make changes. Every once in a while, we repaint the walls, doors and window frames. We replace outdated and broken down pieces of furniture. And…

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