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Don’t make small space limit your cooking skills, learn how to decorate small kitchens beautifully and efficiently

12 Beautiful Kitchen Flooring Ideas You’ll Love

If you are planning a full scale renovation of your home, you should not forget about any surface. We are talking mainly about the floor. Floors take the brunt of all our steps, of heavy luggage dragged across it, of large and bulky furniture sitting on it and so on. After the roof, the floors in your house have to…

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12 Space Saving Ways to Organize Pots and Pans

Everyone who loves home cooked meals has a large assortment of pots, pans and other vessels for preparing food. They are generally quite large and do not fit regular kitchen cabinets. In most of the cases, people own a collection of pans and cooking pots in all possible sizes, each of them having a specific use. The issue of storing…

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10 Common Storage Mistakes

Nobody is an expert overnight when it comes to organizing the home and removing clutter. Some of us will learn the hard way how to deal with unnecessary items, others will ask around and find solutions. However, a lot of people continue to make a series of mistakes in designating and using storage areas around the house. They are fighting…

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10 Modern Mid Century Kitchens You Will Love

We have already introduced you to the modern mid century style so today we have decided to continue to explore this home decor trend. Many people feel that modern furniture lacks personality and that the ultimate effect is that all homes look the same – like a hotel suite. Pairing the need to add a touch of personal style with…

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How to Create a Modern Mid-Century Decor in a Small Apartment

The 1960s were an era of liberation in more than one way. The horrors of World War II were slowly fading from the collective memory, economies were thriving again and people wanted to embrace and celebrate life in any possible way. It was the time when artificial materials replaced traditional ones in anything from clothes to furniture and decorations. The…

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10 Space Saving Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas

Imagine cooking your favorite dishes: you have all your appliances handy, you work fast and efficiently and you have enough space to move between the kitchen counter and the oven. This dream seems to shatter when you are looking at your small kitchen and the actual available space. There is barely enough space for you to do your basic cooking,…

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