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Decorating ideas for small living rooms

17 Ways to Display Artwork in a Small Apartment

Everyone loves art in one form or another. Paintings, sculptures, photographs or small handmade decorative items are found in every home, large or small. They are an expression of our personality and a part of the effort to make our homes look and feel welcoming and beautiful. However, people living in small homes need to be careful about how they…

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10 Types of Window Blinds for Your Rooms

The summer is the season when we get most of the sunlight, but at times it can be too much, especially during the afternoon. Many people opt for glass panel treatments to block heat and sunlight, but some of these can be very expensive, especially if you have a house with lots of windows. Plus, if the windows breaks, you…

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12 Best Desks for a Small Home Office

Even if you do not work from home, you need a home office. There are bills to be paid, tax returns to be filled, and you need a quiet place where you can look at the papers and add the numbers. However, the best you can come up with as a home office is a corner or a recess in…

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12 Fun Ideas of Children’s Party In a Small Apartment

Whether it is their birthday, or just a weekend with great weather, you want to throw a party for your children. After all, socializing with their friends is very important and it is always preferable to engage children in games and other activities, than see them play video games all day long. Children’s parties are fun even for adults and…

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12 Beautiful Models of Armchairs for Small Rooms

The living room is a social room – where we gather with our family at the end of a long and busy day and where we invite our friends for a meal and conversation over drinks. This is why it is important to arrange as many seats as possible, without making the living room feel crowded and small. But when…

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7 Top Small Space Myths Debunked

Living in a tiny apartment with small rooms has many restrictions when it comes to furnishing and decorating. And over the years, the recommendations made by interior designers have become a set of unwritten rules. They are passed on and multiplied across the internet and at a certain point you are told point blank that you “cannot” do this or…

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