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Tips and advices for small space storage, how to make use of and decorate all of your small spaces

A Short Guide to Boho Chic Decor for Your Home

The boho chic style is a relaxed, colorful one – where old and new blend together, rich patterns and bold colors coexist, and handmade items look great alongside hi-tech equipment. Many people believe that the boho chic style never really goes out of style, it just comes back with slight changes. But ever since the hippie days during the ‘6os,…

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12 Tips to Add Value to Your Small Home

Your home is your biggest asset, no matter how small it is. It is your assurance that you can get an emergency loan in times of need and that you and your spouse will have a peaceful and assured retirement, no matter what. Real estate property value fluctuates with the economy, but it is usually on a growing trend. And…

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10 Useful Tips to Pick the Color Scheme for Your Rooms

Your dream has come true: you are moving into your own house. Whether it’s a brand new one or you are buying from previous owners, one thing is for certain: you need to make it a home by picking your favorite colors for its wall paint, furniture and decorations. Painting an entire house is not an easy job. If you…

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How to Create a Small Relaxing Patio

Let us be honest, we all want to have a special place, outdoors, where we can relax, spend time with family, gaze at the stars, or simply lie down and rest. A patio, this is what we all want. Away from the constraints of small rooms, away from work and from the computer and the TV. A place where you…

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12 Best Basement Conversions to Inspire You

Basements are nondescript storage places for adults and home to the boogeyman for children. But did you ever imagine that it could be turned into a spectacular or cozy place, increasing the value of your property? Many old houses have generous basements, and even newer ones still have a sufficient basement footprint to make this space useful and easy to…

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12 Great Ideas for a Small Home Gym

We all try to stay fit, especially as summer is right around the corner and we try to get our beach bodies ready. But there is so little time in our busy daily schedules, and most of the gym subscriptions are wasted money, because we never keep the schedule. For some people, working out next to others is a major…

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