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Tips and advices for small space storage, how to make use of and decorate all of your small spaces

10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are sure that you are already super busy planning for the dinner, hunting down the biggest turkey and sending out invitations to your loved ones. During such a rushed period, it is only natural to overlook one aspect or another, or simply have too little time to deal with them. This is…

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15 Creative Clothes Storage Ideas

Whenever you decide to declutter your home, some items are always excluded from this purging process: clothes, books and children’s toys. It is hard to part with them and we also cannot stop buying more. Over time, they gather in the most unlikely places and, more than often, you never find the precise item you are looking for. Today we…

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10 Clever Small Utility Room Ideas

Every home, no matter how small, needs a utility room. It is the magical place where clothes go in dirty, smelly and crumpled and get out perfectly clean and neatly folded. For families with small children the chore of doing laundry is even more difficult. And the fact that every inch must be carefully considered when laying out the plan…

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12 Creative Ways to Decorate with Nature

When it comes to decorations, everyone has their own particular tastes. Styles and fashions come and go. But there is something that will always stay fashionable: natural colors and materials. No matter what style you prefer, we are sure that you would not mind bringing nature in your home and incorporating natural elements in the decor of each room. For…

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12 Common Small House Problems and How to Fix Them

People who never lived in small houses and apartments find it hard to understand the daily challenges you have to face. It is a constant battle of choices: we keep this or that. Purging unnecessary items, measuring new pieces of furniture to the last inch are common situations for everyone whose living space is scarce. Small house problems are not…

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How to Adopt Hygge in Your Home and Life

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gar) is a Danish word which means being cozy and comfortable at home, experiencing a sense of warmth, coziness and contentment. The Danish people know a lot about this feeling, being the second happiest nation on earth according to this year’s World Happiness Report prepared by the United Nations. So, we believe that we can learn something from…

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