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Top 12 Best Garage Remodeling Examples

If you live in a detached house, most certainly you have a garage. And we are confident to bet that you are probably not getting the most of this space. When the rest of your house is rather small and cramped, you cannot afford the luxury of letting the garage continue to store useless and old tools, travel cases and…

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Top 10 High Chairs for Small Spaces

As your baby grows up and becomes more and more independent, the time comes for him or her to join you at the breakfast and lunch table. Some parents place children in high chairs as soon as they can sit up on their own. And they keep using it until the child is able to sit on a regular chair.…

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12 Best Desks for a Small Home Office

Even if you do not work from home, you need a home office. There are bills to be paid, tax returns to be filled, and you need a quiet place where you can look at the papers and add the numbers. However, the best you can come up with as a home office is a corner or a recess in…

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12 Clutter Free Ways to Organize School Supplies

Any mother knows the struggle to get children ready for school each morning. The worst moment is the last minute rush through the house to find all the books and other school supplies your children will need during classes. Left to their own devices, children tend to spread their things all over the house. And you will end up stepping…

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12 Fun Ideas of Children’s Party In a Small Apartment

Whether it is their birthday, or just a weekend with great weather, you want to throw a party for your children. After all, socializing with their friends is very important and it is always preferable to engage children in games and other activities, than see them play video games all day long. Children’s parties are fun even for adults and…

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10 Charming Vanity Ideas for Small Rooms

Every woman needs her special corner, where she keeps the secrets to her unique scent and evergreen beauty. It is called the vanity, and this is where you want to sit down, without being disturbed by anyone, as you style your hair and apply facial creams and makeup. For many women, having a vanity in their bedroom is something they…

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