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10 Helpful Linen Closet Organizing Tips

Are you bed sheet, extra pillows and blankets getting out of control? Maybe it’s time for a new linen closet…or maybe it’s time to take a look inside the existing one and put some order in it. Here is something many people struggle with: folding and organizing bulky items, like those usually kept in the linen closet. You won’t believe…

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12 DIY Cardboard Projects You’ll Love

Let’s face it: almost everything we order online is delivered in a cardboard box. Some boxes are larger, other are smaller, but they all take up place in your home until you find time to recycle them. However, there is another possible way in which you can deal with these boxes and make them useful around your house. Today we…

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10 Common Storage Mistakes

Nobody is an expert overnight when it comes to organizing the home and removing clutter. Some of us will learn the hard way how to deal with unnecessary items, others will ask around and find solutions. However, a lot of people continue to make a series of mistakes in designating and using storage areas around the house. They are fighting…

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15 Unexpected Hidden Storage Ideas

We have already discussed various storage solutions, for each room of the house. It is certainly exciting to discover so many places which you could use if you just use your imagination. Today, we will take things one step further. That is, we will show you many useful hidden storage ideas. Why hidden storage? Well, it goes beyond keeping things…

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10 Creative Ways to Hide Cables and Cords

Cables and cords are a necessary evil in any home, especially in a home office. You have your computer, smartphone, printer and scanner there and while some of them need to be charged once in a while, others only work when plugged in. Many people have already given up in the attempt of putting order in all the cables –…

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How to Add Style to a Small Bathroom

The bathroom may be a strictly functional room in your house, but it does not have to be a drab looking one. Yes, it is small and you cannot exactly turn it into a work of art. But it does not mean that you cannot beautify it and add style to it. No matter how efficient and time constrained you…

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