Light is one of the essential elements for a healthy, happy life. Living in a well lighted home, no matter how small, helps you keep an optimistic attitude. Unfortunately, a lot of homes are not properly lighted or do not have enough windows to allow sufficient natural light. This is why we believe that it is important to show you some simple and clever lighting solutions for small apartments, for recesses and for hallways which do not have natural light.

#1 Mood Lighting Saves the Day

Mood lighting or accent lighting is achieved by arranging various spot lights pointing towards the most important elements of focus in the room: the artwork, the armchairs and coffee table, the fireplace, or any other part of the room. Using recessed spotlights, you can throw light both on the floor and on the ceiling, creating the impression of more height and space in the room.

mood lighting

Image source: Bobvila

#2 Simple Lighting Solutions for Small Apartments: Mirrors

Mirrors do not only show our reflection, they also reflect light and create the impression of larger space By placing a mirror in a dark room, light bounces off it to add more light to the entire room.

reflecting light

Image source: Designinghome

#3 French Doors

You should consider replacing your solid wooden door inside the house with French doors. These are doors made mostly of windows, allowing all the light to pass through them. Besides improving your lighting in the entire house, French doors look stylish and elegant. Your entire home will look more beautiful and refined after you install them.

french doors

Image source: Houzz

#4 Skylights

Skylights areĀ  very popular for residential and commercial buildings alike. By allowing natural light through the ceiling, you save up on your electricity bill and enjoy the best lighting possible: sunlight. Just look at this kitchen, it looks absolutely radiant with its skylight.


Image source: Houzz

#5 Oversized Lighting Source

If your room is really dark, with small windows and dark colored furniture, you only have one solution: a very large lighting source. You can choose between a modern design of hanging light, with one powerful light bulb, or the classic chandelier type with several bulbs (we like this modern lamp in the photo!).


Image source: Homedit

#6 Small, Dark Room = Minimalist Furniture

If your room is really small and it has only a small window, cluttering it with furniture will only make it look smaller and darker. Small, understated and light colored pieces of furniture will make it look larger and brighter.

minimalist furniture

Image source: Bobvila

#7 Recessed Lights Put the Accent on Beautiful Ceilings

A dark paneled ceiling may look drab and hanging too low over the room…or turn into a spectacular sight with clever placed spotlights in strategic points. You do not have to remove the panels or repaint them, you just have to place them in the right light.


Image source: Decoratedlife

#8 Tubular Daylight

This clever invention brings natural sunlight from the ceiling directly into your hallway. The patented system is 100% safe and insulated and poses no danger of infiltration or water leaks into your house.

tubular daylight

Image source: Houzz

#9 Low Hanging Lights

Focus all the light on the areas which need it with the help of this series of low hanging lights. Modern, in line with the furniture in your house and energy efficient, these lamps are the a great solution for the kitchen and the dining corner.


Image source: Decoratedlife

#10 LED Rod Light for the Wardrobe

Your wardrobe will be well lighted and you will always find your favorite shirts if you install this ingenious lighting system. It is a simple and space saving idea for a really tight place, where you cannot install a lamp or other lighting source.


Image source: Decoratedlife

There you are, we have show you a few great and easy to apply ideas to bring more light into your home. These lighting solutions for small apartments are not the only ones you can apply – so we encourage you show us your alternative ideas!

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