Mason jars may be one of the most versatile decorating and container items you can ever have. From ways to use mason jars in the kitchen, we are going to explore today another use of mason jars: for lighting. These mason jar lanterns and lights are not only unique and creative but also so beautiful and stylish as home decorations.

If you are also a mason jar lover like me, one of these mason jar lighting ideas might become your next new dining room or bedroom lamp. Check out these fabulous ideas to spark up your creativity!

Mason jar chandelier

Have an old chandelier that has been collecting dust in the storage room or want an updated look for your current one? Check out this super creative mason jar chandelier from Marty’s Musings! This project does require some handy work (and a spare chandelier), but the unique and charming result could whoa any visitor. So if you are smitten by this mason jar chandelier project, head over to Marty’s Musing for the detailed DIY instructions!

diy mason jar chandelier

Beautiful mason jar chandelier

 DIY mason jar pendant lights

Mason jar lights are a great way to add your own character to your home. TheDIYvillage has a great tutorial on how to make this full-of-character yet stylish mason jar pendant lights. With $20 and 20 minutes of time, they have transferred generic and standard pendant lights in their kitchen to these unique and personalized mason jar lights.


diy mason jar pendant lights

Romantic mason jar lanterns

I’m totally in love with these blue mason jar lanterns and will definitely make them for my garden. Think how romantic and cozy your garden or door steps must look with these beautiful country style mason jar lanterns. You can fill in the mason jars with decorative pebbles, water pearls or sand before placing the tealight candles in. A great instruction for this DIY mason jar lantern project can be found on The Country Cook.

diy mason jar lanterns outdoorsMason jar solar lights

A few hours under sunlight and these mason jars will light up beautifully during the night. This DIY project is very budget-friendly as solar lights can be bought for a few dollars each from hardware or groceries stores. These mason jar solar lights would be so stylish and charming on your balcony or patio during hot summer nights. An in-depth tutorial is available on Garden Therapy.

mason jar solar light tutorial

 DIY Colorful mason jar lamp

There are so many ways mason jars can create beautiful light fixtures. A group of mason jar light fixtures bundled together can make your living room and kitchen that nostalgic and cozy look for the upcoming autumn nights. The best thing is that these mason jar lamps are easy and fast to make and are a perfect DIY project for a weekend. The lovely mason jar lamp below is from Painted by Prestige and on their site you will find a nifty tutorial that you can use as a base for your own mason jar lamp project.

DIY colorful mason jar lamp

Want some more inspirations on how to design your own mason jar light? The following ideas deserve a look! Images by BootsNGus.

Spiral cascading hanging mason jar lighting fixture

spiral mason jar light

Another beautiful rustic mason jar chandelier

upcycled hanging mason jar chandelier

Mason jars with spring party lights, perfect for windowsills

mason jar lighting windowsill

The 3 above mason jar lights are designed and sold by BootsNGus on Etsy. I love all of their lighting designs. They combine daily household items into lighting and decoration products in beautiful and unexpected ways. Either you are or aren’t the DIY type, it’s worth visiting their shop to see what catches your attention. Who knows you might meet your next favorite chandelier from there!

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