Mirrors are a god send decoration for small spaces. Mirrors reflect lights and give an illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. In addition, mirrors are also fabulous decorations that add depth and character to the room. Below are 4 amazing ways to use mirrors to add instant personality and style to any room.

Mirror wall art

The traditional decoration is that there is only one mirror in the room, however with the recent decorating trend, mirrors of different sizes and shapes are usually hung together to create a beautiful illumination effect. Small mirrors can be bought cheaply at auctions, flea markets and factory outlets. You can also pair up secondhand mirrors found at thrift stores with big store chain ones. The mix of style is what makes it so charming and unique.

mirror wall art small roomimage source

Antique mirrors

Antique mirrors add a layer of history and personality to any room it is in. They are especially good choices if you are decorating your home in rustic or country style. Even if the old glass has tarnished, do not try to replace it with new glass as the old ruined glass is what makes the uniqueness of antique mirrors.

decorating with antique mirrorsimage source

Mirror mirror on the floor…

The traditional way of hanging mirrors on the wall doesn’t have to be followed all the time. For big mirrors that are difficult to hang on the wall, placing them on the floor works just fine also. For this look to work, the mirrors should be big and have nicely patterned frame. This way of placing mirror also helps in rooms with low ceiling. The mirror will make the ceiling look proportionally higher and thus earns you some extra inches.

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Mirrors with painted frames

It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to a piece of furniture. If you are afraid that the chain store mirror frame looks too industrial and do not offer enough personality, try painting it in a color that complements the main tone of the room.

painted mirror framesimage source

Mirrors are wonderful way to add style and space to any room. Just remember that when you are hanging a mirror, be aware what it will reflect. Make sure that your mirror reflects a beautiful piece of your garden, that lovely vintage painting and not an ugly view outside that you would not want to emphasize.

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