A headboard can easily become the focal point of the bedroom, thus many people pay big bucks to get a cool headboard from furniture stores. However your favorite headboard doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many DIY headboard ideas around that are worth checking out as they are not only budget-friendly but also a good way to show off your creativity.

Today I am going to show you fabulous ideas to use curtains as headboard for your beloved bedroom. Curtains are easy to put up, come in a zillions colors and designs, super friendly to your wallet and you can easily update the look by replacing with another curtains. So in my book, curtains as headboard are a perfect solution!

Aren’t you in love with this ruffled curtain headboard? I’m kind of crazy about anything ruffled. So I’m smitten right away when seeing this DIY ruffled headboard. A boy, a girl & a pug provided an awesome tutorial on how to make this beautiful headboard yourself for under $10!

diy curtains as headboard ruffled

Ruffled curtain headboard

via aboyagirlandapug.blogspot.com

Candy stripes add some delicate romance to your bed

diy curtains as headboard romantic

Romantic curtain headboard

via aboyagirlandapug.blogspot.com

How about waking up to an inspirational saying from your curtain headboard? You can use the curtain as a blank canvas and create your own curtain art with a marker!

diy curtains for headboard fabric text

Curtain rod headboard

via decozilla.com

Love this creative and romantic lighted curtain headboard idea! Spring lights together with sheer curtains are a perfect combination for a rustic or romantic themed bedroom.

diy lighted curtain headboard

Romantic lighted curtain headboard

via www.polyvore.com

This is another beautiful way to hang curtains as headboard. The wreath adds a natural charm into your bedroom, making the bed area look softer and more airy.

diy curtain headboard wreath

Wreath and curtain headboard

via designsensibility.wordpress.com

Short curtains also work beautifully as headboard, however I would want the curtain to have some pattern or special texture than this one.

diy curtain rod headboard short

Short curtain headboard

via pinterest.com

I’m so in love with this vintage Moroccan wedding blanket, all hand woven and decorated with sequins. This would be such a stylish look as a headboard with the help of a curtain rod.

diy curtain rod headboard moroccan wedding blanket

via www.pollywreford.com

Bird patterns are so hot right now, so is beige. That’s why these mixed curtain headboard are right on spot with the trends. Even if you are not so much into birds and beige, the point here is that don’t be afraid to mix the curtains of different patterns and colors for your headboard. Just play a bit with colors and patterns and you will have an ultraunique and creative headboard that reflects your inner self and personality!

diy curtain rod headboard mix

Mixed curtains as headboard

via haleyscottage.blogspot.com

There are an unlimited amount of DIY headboard ideas which are easy, fast and inexpensive to put together. Curtains as headboard are just a start, I will continue to feature more creative and budget-friendly headboard ideas to spark up your creativity and tap in the power of your right brain!

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