As weather becomes more and more mellow and friendly, everyone is looking forward to the arrival of spring and the Easter celebration. It is one of the most vibrant seasons of the year and the celebration in itself is a celebration of life and forgiveness. There is no wonder that many people are already planning how to decorate their house for Easter. But a look at their budget is sobering: they cannot afford all the beautiful decorations they see in various online catalogs. However, do not despair! With a little inspiration and some good old elbow grease, you can create wonderful and original decorative items and arrangement which will look even better than catalog products (because you made them!). We are here to provide the inspiration with these recommendations for Easter home decor on a budget. Let us get started!

#1 A Fragrant Centerpiece

This beautiful centerpiece is the easiest thing to make with a tiered display for cakes, egg cups and as many spring flowers as you want. To keep in line with the color trend of the celebration, we recommend daffodils and yellow tulips.

easter 1

Source: Martha Stewart

#2 Easter Garland

Find an egg shaped stencil and cut out several sheets of colored paper. Glue a double string on the back of the cut-outs and you have a beautiful garland to hang above the Easter table or from the ceiling.

easter 4

Source: CountryLiving

#3 Bunny Shaped Watermelon

For this type of tasty arrangement, you will need a watermelon of the long variety. Draw a bunny shape, cut out,  remove the core (to make delicious ice cream or juice) and fill it up with assorted fruit. We suggest various berry fruit, they are in season and absolutely delicious.

easter 6

Source: DIYncrafts

#4 Easter Cups

What you need for this beautiful Easter table decoration is: a few bags of Skittles, egg cups, baking paper cups and a box of permanent markers. Decorate the paper cups with Easter motifs, place one in each egg cup and then fill them up with candies. The children will absolutely love this treat!

easter 8

Source: BHG

#5 The Button Bunny

This colorful decoration can be placed on the wall or even on the front door to announce your neighbors that you’ve embraced the festive spirit. It can be made from a cut-out bunny shape (either plastic, or thick cardboard), some glue and all the mismatched buttons you have in your sewing supplies box.

easter 10

Source: WooHome

#6 Easter Egg Wreath

Wreaths are beautiful front door decorations for all celebrations. For Easter, we recommend this simple DIY model made of wicker branches, plastic eggs, sprigs of spring flowers and a fabric bow. Arrange the wicker branches into a wreath shape and start gluing the rest of the decorations on it. In no time, it is ready to be proudly placed on the front door of your home.

easter 12

Source: GoodHouseKeeping

#7 A Cheerful Basket

Nothing expresses the joyous spirit of spring as this rustic basket full of greenery and lovely chicken. The good thing is that you do not have to buy it, you can make it at home. Apart from the basket and toy chicken, you will need a couple of fluffy green pom-poms. Add some fresh flowers for a fragrant touch (tip: use some pieces of green sponge imbibed with water to keep the flowers fresh looking for days).

Source: Martha Stewart

#8 Sock Bunnies

These cute home made bunnies make an amazing gift for kids and are easy to make from a sock filled with rice and customized in any way you want. Some recommended accessories are mobile toy eyes (you can find them in any crafts supplies store) and soft sponges to replace the rice if you believe your kids may damage the bunny by mistake.

easter 3

Source: CountryLiving

#9 An Original Door Decoration

What can you do for a last minute decoration for the front door? Here is a simple solution: take a brightly colored umbrella and fill it with assorted spring flowers. Simple and effective, right?

easter 5

Source: DIYncrafts

#10 Egg Carton Decorations

These simple and cute Easter table decorations can be made in minutes from pieces of egg cartons, colored feathers and… Easter eggs, of course. Add a plastic stick and place in the middle of flower arrangements for added effect.

easter 7

Source: BHG

#11 Easter Egg Fairy Lights

What do you do with the beautifully colored shells of Easter eggs after eating them? Here is a simple solution: keep them in the egg cups and place a lit pastille candle in each of them. The result is nothing short of magical.

easter 9

Source: WooHome

#12 Egg Vases

For a minimalist touch, here is the simplest and fastest to make decoration suggestion: use eggshells as tiny vases for rose buds or an assortment of delicate spring flowers. These decorations are idea for the Easter table, replacing traditional name place holders.

easter 11

Source: GoodHousekeeping

And we have finished the list of our recommendations. We hope that you find these ideas for Easter home decor on a budget useful and easy to make and that you have already put some of them on your list of decorations.

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