A splash of colors from your wardrobe as decorations, anyone?

Now this is a great idea for unique, creative, inexpensive decorations that can be ultrastylish if done right. Hanging clothes as decor can be a great way to use that little pretty dress that has shrunk in the washer or your daughter’s cute dresses that she has grown out of. Let’s look at the following ideas to get a hang of how to dress your wall!

Dress as part of wall art

hang dress on the wall

Dress as wall art

Vintage dress for vintage wall

hanging dress wall decorations

Vintage dress

Romantic dress and bedroom

hang dress wall decor

Romantic bedroom decor

Dress as headboard

Very unique idea, but maybe a little too unique for me…

hang dress wall headboard

Dress as headboard

Bold color dress against white wall

hang clothes wall decor

Bold colored dress on white wall

If you love this hanging clothes decorations idea and would want to execute it, be noted of the decor pointers below:

– Don’t overdo it, you want the clothes to look like decorations, not drying laundry

– Don’t use too intimate pieces like your underwear or too transparent slips. Vintage slips in not-so-thin fabric can become very charming when hung on the wall.

– Choose your piece to hang carefully, it should go with the room colors and style.

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