With the internet being the new working medium, many people do not have to commute to work every day or even have a job that allow them to work from home. We are not only talking about bloggers, writers, designers but also many other knowledge-centric jobs that do not require constant presence at the office.

Therefore home offices have become increasingly popular and people need serious distract-free work space. However as many of us are living in small houses or apartments in big cities, a spare room can be an unaffordable luxury. With this in mind, I am going to publish a series of home office ideas that are suitable for small houses or apartments.

As a start, today I’m going to feature ideas for small home offices that can be hidden behind the curtains. If you have an unused closet that can fit a writing desk and a chair, you can have a somewhat isolated working space at home with the help of some curtains!

A working corner hidden behind a pair of sheer curtains in the bedroom. In this case the home owner does not necessarily want to hide the home office. Instead she blends the working corner in by choosing office supplies, decorations and curtains in the same tone and style with the rest of the bedroom.

small home office bedroom curtains

Closet in bedroom

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You can have a charming and elegant home office corner, even if it’s in a closet! The crystal chandelier and the floral wallpaper really create a sophisticated look for the working corner. And in the end of the day, when you have finished your work, the thick curtains will hide the space to help you leave the work day behind.

small home office ideas closet bedroom

Another corner behind the curtains

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Make use of all the space possible to store all of your office supplies. Even if the corner is a super small closet like the pictures below, there’s still a lot of storage space if you take all the advantage of shelving, boxes and baskets.

small home office ideas curtain closet door

Super small corner

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home office ideas closet behind curtains

Organized home office corner

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Cheer up your working corner by adding colors and fun decorations. A pop of colors doesn’t only make a stylish home office but also gives you more energy and a spirit push throughout the day. As many work-from-home workers have admitted, the fact that you are alone the whole day can be a bit of an energy drainer and demotivation.

small home office ideas curtains

Colorful working corner

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Curtains and an unused closet together are a perfect combination to create your own home office. The curtains do not only offer more privacy but it also allows you to create a completely different corner compared to the rest of the house. You can using popping colors, decorate in special style to help separating work from home easier.

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