Many people fondly remember their vacations in a mountain cabin, or the quaint charm of the grandparents’ farm house. And somehow, they want to recreate the simple joys they experienced there. If you cannot actually move to your little house in the prairie, you can do a little redecoration work to add a rustic touch to your small apartment. We did some research around the USA and found that a lot of people now favor this decoration style. From large and thriving cities, to small towns in the great Mid-West, everyone loves adding at least a few rustic elements to various rooms in their houses. Let’s see a few inspirational examples.

#1 Clunky Knit Blankets

These warm blankets are more and more favored by comparison to woven ones. They have a handmade look (and some of them are actually knit by hand). Such a blanket looks great on an armchair or a sofa, to keep warm in the evening as you read a book or watch your favorite TV show.

rustic 1

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#2 Exposed Ceiling Beams

Your ceiling does not necessarily have to be made of wooden beams. You can add them, with a transparent primer coat to protect the wood over the year and to expose its natural color and fiber. This is a very simple way to create a rustic atmosphere and to distract viewers from the small size of the room by focusing their eyes on the ceiling.

rustic 3

Source: Decoist

#3 Install a Wooden Door

But not just any door, but one made from minimally processed wood. Instead of super shiny finish, allow the natural texture and color of the wood to be seen and felt by touch.

rustic 5

Source: Homedit

#4 Wicker Everywhere

Wicker is a versatile and resilient natural material. It can be used to weave baskets, chair seats and even lampshades. This family created a theme for their dining area, by choosing furniture and decorations made exclusively of wicker,

rustic 8

Source: Homify

#5 Rethink Rustic

Rustic does not always mean mountain cabin. In fact, the current meaning of rustic is anything handmade, or created from natural, minimally processed materials. For example, this rough cement floor and the hand crafted wooden chairs and table create a rustic decor to the open kitchen/ dining area.

rustic 10

Source: HomeAndDecor

#6 Repurpose Wooden Items as Furniture

This old and weathered wooden crate found a new life as a side cabinet in a rustic looking living room. Pallet or wine barrel furniture is also in trends right now. If you can save a wooden object from being chopped into compost, do it. It will give your home a charming look and save the planet, too.

rustic 2

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#7 Choose a Hand Knit Carpet

This colorful carpet has lots of ethnic designs and symbols which create a warm and cozy atmosphere to this family’s living room. Tip: you can find genuine Mexican or Native American rugs at various public fairs and community events at very affordable prices.

rustic 4

Source: Decoist

#8 Pick the Right Textures

Yute, hessian, unfinished wooden surfaces are all welcome in your house for a rustic touch. They are also in fashion, according to top interior designers. You can incorporate such textures in items like rugs, cushions or even the sofa upholstery.

rustic 6

Source: Homedit

#9 Create a Faux Brick Wall

Brick walls are the essence of bare rustic, but you do not have to go as far as removing all the paint from the wall. Instead, find faux brick wall wallpaper and place it here and there around the house.

rustic 7

Source: Homify

#10 Find Little Treasures at the Flea Market

A little console to place in the entry hallway for keys and small change…a couple of chairs for the breakfast table…even a grandfather style cupboard for the living room…all these items will help you save money on redecoration and create a rustic look throughout your house.

rustic 9

Source: HomeAndDecor

As you can see, it is very simple an inexpensive to add a rustic touch to your small apartment. All you need is a little imagination, when necessary, a little DIY work.



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