There is nothing more frustrating that having to decide what clothes and shoes to keep and which ones to give away because you have not enough space in your cupboards and closets. Of course, you could bu a new cupboard – but where will you put it in your tiny house? Yes, that is out of the question. But are you sure that you really filled up your existing closets and made use of every inch of storage space? Probably, you have tried your best, but there is always something more you can do to add more space in your cupboards. And today we will show you how to do it. Let us get started!

#1 Install Dividers On Your Shelves

Long shelves can get cluttered very easily and in an inefficient manner. You believe that you made the most of them by piling t-shirts, scarves and underwear along them, but you are not. The only way in which you are truly using the space to the maximum extent is by installing a few dividers and arranging clothes neatly folded one on top up the other until you reach the top before moving to the next storage area.

closet 2

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#2 Make the Best Use of Corners

What can you do with the corner of a cupboard? More than you would think! Look at this creative solution to store more than 20 shirts! A spiral rod fits perfectly in the tight space and creates sufficient space to hang the shirts without creasing them at all.

closet 4

Source: HGTV

#3 Install Towel Holders on the Cupboard Door

Here is a neat trick for storing your ties, belts and scarves without taking too much space inside the cupboard. These towel holders are very easy to install on the inside of your cupboard door and will offer you sufficient space for all your accessories.

closet 6

Source: MarthaStewart

#4 Install a Second Rod for Suits

Many cupboards are designed with a space in the middle with just one hanging rod for long coats. However, most people leave their overcoats on the coat hanger in the entryway (or you should do that, if you live in a small house). As for the cupboard, a second rod installed halfway the distance to the floor, and voila!, you have doubled the storage space for coats, shirts, trousers or skirts.

closet 8

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#5 Keep Clothes in Shoe Boxes

Do you know how careful you are when you have a tiny box to fill with items? You pack them as tightly as you can. Whereas, on a large cupboard shelf, you are tempted to be less strict. This is why you should save shoe boxes and use them as extra storage solution and pack socks, t-shirts and underwear in them before placing them in the cupboard.

closet 10

Source: Buzzfeed

#6 Build Extra Shelves

If you have a walk-in closet, most of the times it does not have a lot of dividers. This is where you should step in with your DIY skills (or hire a handyman). This simple rack of narrow shelves is perfect for shoes or small accessories (ties, scarves, jewelry boxes).

closet 1

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#7 Add Extra Storage Items

Decorative boxes, wicker, baskets, plastic storage totes…you must have at least some of them scattered about the house. Bring them all together into your cupboard, arrange your clothes and accessories in them and expand your available storage space without investing in other pieces of furniture.

closet 3

Source: HGTV

#8 Slide Out Shoe Storage

We have already presented this idea as a solution for extending storage space in the kitchen. But it works just as well in the bedroom cupboard. It requires a little investment, but it will prove extremely usefulĀ  – especially if you are a shoe lover and have lots of pairs.

closet 5

Source: MarthaStewart

#9 Fill In Your Walk In Cupboard

What is that gaping space under your shirts and coats? It is unused space. And it should be put to use, if you live in a small apartment. Bring in an extra modular piece of furniture and fill it up with all those clothes you do not know where to put.

closet 7

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#10 Use Soda Can Tabs to Hang More Clothes

What happens when you have really filled up your cupboard with clothes hangers? How do you maximize that? Simple: add some soda can tabs to the hangers and double the storage space!

closet 9

Source: Buzzfeed

Now that we have finished our list of recommendations, we are sure that you are now able to add more space in your cupboards and keep all your clothes neatly arranged.

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