Balconies are extra appendages to apartments which are rarely used to the full extent. This semi-open space can be fully enclosed and turned into a functional area, an extension of your home. You can also keep it open and still create a pleasant and useful place to spend time with your family or pursuing your hobbies. It all depends on how well you arrange it and furnish it. Today we will show you how to add storage to a small balcony and design a functional area, freeing up space inside the apartment. Since summer days are here to stay, this is the moment to start remodeling and taking advantage of your balcony. Let us get started with the balcony makeover!

#1 Add Floating Shelves and See Through Bins

This woman moved her craft hobby to the balcony and she has everything she needs for working on embroideries and stitches. A few floating shelves, up to the ceiling, and lots of see through plastic bins of various sizes help her keep all the supplies organized. Thus she can enjoy her hobby without taking up valuable space in her small apartment.


Source: Lushome

#2 Peg Board and Workshop Cabinet

Drying and ironing the laundry is quite an annoying chore in a small apartment, so this family moved the activity permanently on the balcony. A peg board keeps the various appliances needed for caring for clothes and linen well organized, while a workshop style cabinet serves as ironing table as well. There is also room for the drying rack on this well organized balcony!

balcony 14

Source: IKEA

#3 Hide Storage Areas Behind a Pretty Curtain

This apartment owner did not want to put a bulky cabinet on the balcony, but they didn’t want all their neighbors to see what they store there, either. The simplest solution to this issue? A nicely colored curtain on a piece of string, effectively hiding from sight the open storage shelf.

balcony 15

Source: DigsDigs

#4 DIY Work on an Iron Ladder

The discarded worker’s ladder found a new use as an innovative storage and display unit for potted herbs. Adding wooden planks to each rung and securing them with chains is all it took to create a generous storage space for all the fragrant herbs used in the kitchen.

balcony 6

Source: Homesthetics

#5 When Storage Shelves Become Art

Some people want more than basic floating shelves. They want to integrate the storage units into the overall decor of the balcony. This person designed an interesting geometric model which is pleasant to look at and looks as if it is flowing naturally up and across the wall.

balcony 7

Source: Avso

#6 Industrial Style Shelving Unit

If you want to make the most of the vertical space, warehouse style shelves are the solution for you. After all, warehouses are the precise place where storage space is at a premium. These spacious and sturdy metallic shelves are perfect for storage bins and crates and for bulky items.

balcony 10

Source: RealLiving

#7 Repurpose an Office Cabinet

Metallic office cabinets are not necessarily pretty, but they are spacious, and solid. With a fresh coat of brightly colored paint, this type of cabinet can be safely placed on an open balcony to store various items which need not be exposed to the weather conditions.

balcony 11

Source: LoveThisPic

#8 Custom Made Shelves

For specific needs, there are specific solutions. This family wanted a tiered shelf, made of sturdy metal to store various items, without taking up too much walking space. The advantage of this shelf system is that it can be easily moved along the wall, thanks to the integrated handles. This helps the family rearrange the balcony anytime they want to.

balcony 2

Source: Lushome

#9 Rolling Cabinet

This kitchen cabinet on castor wheels is a wonderful addition to an outdoor dining area arranged on the balcony. The family chef can place it ergonomically to prepare food and drinks while the rest of the family sits down waiting for dinner.

balcony 13

Source: IKEA

#10 Seating Area with Storage Space

This charming wooden bench with soft cushion hides something useful underneath: a storage box. Add the upper shelf, and this piece of furniture is truly space saving and useful on a small balcony to add extra storage.

balcony 3

Source: DigDigs

#11 Repurpose Wooden Crates

Wooden crates for storing fruit and vegetables are discarded by supermarkets on a daily basis. Not all of them are necessarily damaged, they just outlive their determined useful life. With a bit of sanding, priming and a coat of protective paint, these crates can turn into a usefulĀ  and rustic looking storage unit for your balcony.

balcony 5

Source: Homesthetics

#12 Mirrored Cupboard

To counteract the fact that they took a chunk out of their small balcony to fit a cupboard, this apartment owner placed mirrors on the outside of its doors. The reflection of the balcony creates the illusion of more space and depth.

balcony 8

Source: Avso

#13 Rolling Book Cart

Many people love sitting on the balcony and reading. If you do not have space for extra shelves to keep your favorite reading materials, then a book cart on wheels is the solution. The cart can be made from an old wooden pallet and castor wheels are easy to find in hardware stores.

balcony 9

Source: RealLiving

#14 An Old Medicine Cabinet

Old school medicine cabinets could be found in every doctor’s office. They were made exclusively of glass and a metallic frame. Right now, these cabinets are obsolete, but you can still find them at the flea market and place one right out on your balcony. They make a perfect storage and display unit for apartment plants. Sunlight can freely get inside, but the plants are protected from strong winds and heavy rains.

balcony 12

Source: LoveThisPic

#15 Use Every Niche Wisely

Some balconies have weird nooks and niches which no one but the architect knows what they were meant for. However, a clever homeowner will quickly design and build some simple shelves and make this awkward niche useful.

balcony 4

Source: DigsDigs

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can make your balcony a useful living space. We hope that these ideas above will help you add storage space to a small balcony and make it a pleasant place for you and your family.

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