The bathroom may be a strictly functional room in your house, but it does not have to be a drab looking one. Yes, it is small and you cannot exactly turn it into a work of art. But it does not mean that you cannot beautify it and add style to it. No matter how efficient and time constrained you are, you should still be able to relax and enjoy a hot bath or shower. Today we will show you how to remodel your bathroom to make it look both beautiful and functional.

#1 Make It Kid Friendly

Many children find bath time annoying. But if they step in this beautifully decorated and cheerful bathroom, you will have trouble getting them out of it. Plus, it never hurts to reach out to your inner child, at least from time to time. The combination between bright colors and neutral white walls and appliances is just right to prevent the small bathroom from looking crowded.

bathroom 2

Source: Freshome

#2 Select a Water Inspired Color Palette

What is the core element we find in a bathroom? Water, of course. It makes sense, then, to pick a color palette which makes people think of this natural element. This bathroom owners made a perfect choice: the delicate blue-green of a lake under the powerful light of the sun, paired with the green of water lily pads. These liquid looking colors make the bathroom look larger and more cheerful.

bathroom 4

Source: HGTV

#3 Opt for a See-Through Shower Door

Most people choose a shower curtain or frosted glass, but at home you are within your own environment so you should not fear for lack of privacy. A transparent glass door will extend the visual useful space of your small bathroom and give it a more generous size. It is the small details which make the biggest difference.

bathroom 6

Source: HouseBeautiful

#4 Antique Chic

A small, nondescript bathroom can get a lot of character by using an antique looking cabinet as washbasin stand. Its generous drawers will also offer plenty of storage space for toiletries and towels. Do not be afraid to integrate this piece of furniture with ultra-modern faucets and sinks: the contrast works well and makes the antique piece stand out.

bathroom 8

Source: BHG

#5 Do Not Be Afraid of Lavish Decorations

Your bathroom is small, but it should not look bare. If you love a decorative style inspired from classic furniture and architecture, there is no reason why you should not embrace it in your bathroom. A fancy mirror frame and decorative stucco open shelves are all it takes to take your bathroom from drab to fab.

bathroom 10

Source: DIYNetwork

#6 Own the Minimalist Look

Do not do things halfway: if you really like minimalism, go all the way with simple, clean designs, and natural cement color for the walls. This futuristic looks is still very trendy among high end residences and hotels and adds space to the tiniest of bathrooms.

bathroom 9

Source: RoomSketcher

#7 Learn to Color Coordinate

Color coordination adds order and a sense of space and beauty to any room. Pick two contrasting colors and be careful how you arrange them so they complement each other. It is not unusual to make uncharacteristic colors like red work very well for a bathroom, if they are cleverly integrated with the rest of the decor.

bathroom 1

Source: Freshome

#8 Go For Unusual Patterns

A labyrinth is not exactly the kind of pattern one would expect in a bathroom – but this is exactly the point. Dare to go beyond what people expect, and your bathroom will stand out. Plus, the lively green color picked by this family is an instant pick-me-up!

bathroom 3

Source: HGTV

#9 Niche Look!

This bathroom is fabulous, not just from the blue/gold color combination, but because of the clever options of creating niches in the wall instead of installing shelves. All the toiletries are neatly arranged and not one inch of useful space is sacrificed.

bathroom 5

Source: HouseBeautiful

#10 Bathe It in Copper

Copper is a warm, natural color which is still among the top trends for this year. A play with different shades of copper will give your bathroom a warm and luxurious look. This color works wonderfully with natural wood furniture, as well as leather.

bathroom 7

Source: DIYNetwork

As you can see, there are so many creative ways to add style to a small bathroom. You do not have to be a millionaire to make a few small changes but you will certainly feel like one when you walk into your redecorated bathroom!

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