Hygge (pronounced hoo-gar) is a Danish word which means being cozy and comfortable at home, experiencing a sense of warmth, coziness and contentment. The Danish people know a lot about this feeling, being the second happiest nation on earth according to this year’s World Happiness Report prepared by the United Nations. So, we believe that we can learn something from the people of Denmark, and today’s lesson is about how to adopt hygge in your home, but also in your life. Hygge is not about decorating and furnishing, it is about creating an inner world in your home, where you can be truly happy. Here are a few ways in which you can have a hygge home and life:

#1 Enjoy a Simple, Clutter Free Home

Things rarely bring us happiness, so why would you surround your little home with so many useless items? Your inner peace comes from the simple enjoyment of enough space around you to feel relaxed and at ease. Don’t put off a general cleanup of your home, start doing it today and you will feel how more welcoming your home will feel.

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Source: 31Daily

#2 Surround Yourself with Warm, Soft Accessories

Pillows, blankets, spreads and shawls – they should feel soft against your skin, make you want to wrap yourself in them and enjoy their warmth. Knitwear, faux fur, soft, fluffy decorative pillows – all these will turn every sitting area in your home in a safe haven, perfect for meeting friends, relaxing with a book, or simply taking a nap.

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Source: Annie Selke

#3 Embrace Neutral Colors

The Danish people love soft, light, neutral colors, similar to the landscape outside on a winter day. The simplicity of this color scheme makes any room feel larger, better lighted and more welcoming. Earthy browns or shimmering copper accents here and there are welcome to create contrast.

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Source: FurnitureChoice

#4 Make Your House Look Lived-In

Your house is not a museum – it shouldn’t look brand new, perfectly neat and ordered. It is a place where people live and love, and it is Okay if your chairs don’t all match, if the tablecloth is just a little creased and the leather sofa has small signs of wear and tear. It is Okay if the children’s naive artwork stands proudly next to your Art-Deco painting. It is a home – and it should look like it.

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Source: MyDomaine

#5 Your Bathroom – Your Personal Spa Corner

Treat yourself to a hot scented bath. Have flowers around you. Have a glass of your favorite wine. You deserve to pamper yourself every once in a while. You deserve a bathroom where function meets beauty and gives you a sense of total relaxation.

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Source: MentalFloss

#6 Have at Least One Small Fireplace

Nothing compares to the smell, sound and feel of a crackling fire and to the comfort of sitting or lying beside it with a good book and a hot cup of tea. All the great stories in this world are told before a fireplace. And the best and most memorable evenings with family and friends happen there.

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Source: ElleUK

#7 Bake Some Homemade Treats

Stop buying treats, cookies and crackers from the supermarket and start making your own. Add the joy and love you have for your family in every little bite and cherish the moments you create for your loved ones. Be inspired and create your own recipes or give new life to your grandma’s favorite ones.

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Source: GraciousOffering

#8 Invite Your Friends Over for No Special Occasion

You do not need birthdays, anniversaries or any other special moments to get together with your friends and have a great time together. Every day is a celebration of life and of your friendship. Build memories that last and live the moment together with those who are truly important in your life.

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Source: HouseandHome

#9 Bring A Little Bit of Nature Inside

A few flowers, a branch or two of fir trees, pine cones used as decorations – all these will keep you in close contact with nature even indoors. Living in harmony with nature is something we all have to learn again. It is the only connection we have to the planet we live on.

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Source: 31Daily

#10 Make Yourself Warm

Wear that pair of fluffy socks. Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa. Wrap a blanket around yourself and pick up your favorite book or magazine. All these small gestures will make you feel warm, safe and happy. Love yourself and life will look brighter for you and your family.

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Source: Annie Selke

#11 Mix Textures

Luscious leather goes well with that cable knit blanket, and with the fluffy spread, and even with the cheerful little rag rug you made as a craft project. Whatever makes you and your family feel cozy and happy is the right mix. Do not be afraid to go against fashion advice – if your mother’s knit quilt blanket makes you happy, you can carry it from bed to the leather sofa and to the stuffed armchair. Mix, match, and enjoy!

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Source: FurnitureChoice

#12 Make Functional Space Look Beautiful

Turn every space in your home into a pleasant one, which you would show to a friend proudly. Even the pantry or the garage should supplement their functional role with a few points of attraction and cleanliness. All of your home is a space you live in one way or another. Why would you keep some rooms looking nice, and others not?

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Source: MyDomaine

As you can see, hygge is most of all a state of mind and of happiness which you achieve when your house is welcoming, beautiful and warm. We hope that you will decide to adopt hygge in your home and life and become happier and more contented, together with your entire family.



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