Living in a small apartment with a growing family, or even by yourself, imposes certain limitations to your lifestyle. You cannot throw a party for all of your close friends. There is hardly any place where you can have your own private nook for rest and relaxation. Creating a quiet reading corner? Not going to happen. But there is a way in which you can add more space to your apartment and have one of these special places just for you: this space is on your balcony. Many people have decided to put it to better use than placing a few potted flowers in it and today we will show you the many ways in which you can convert the balcony into a room.

#1 Create an Extra Bedroom

An extra bedroom in a tiny apartment? A place for family visiting you from outside the city to sleep over? Yes, it is possible. With proper PVC windows to insulate the balcony from cold and noise, a little remodeling work on the wall separating it from the rest of the house, your balcony can become a cozy bedroom. Who knows, you may opt to turn it into your own bedroom and leave the other for guests.

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Source: DIYHome

#2 A Reading Corner

A comfortable bench with soft cushions, lots of natural sunlight and a few apartment plants to add a spot of color – what else would an avid reader need to be happy? And you can have all these in your own balcony. Plus, you can also install a bookcase along the wall and stock it with enough reading material to last you thru the year.

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Source: Hoppler

#3 The Children’s Study Room

Children need a quiet, well lighted place to do their homework and school research projects. And this balcony is the perfect place for these activities. The family found a smart way to create the best conditions for their children to learn well, while living in a small apartment.

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Source: Homify

#4 Dining Area

Small apartments usually have tiny kitchens. You barely have space to move around and cook, let alone install a dining table. But this family would not be satisfied with eating in front of the TV, so they converted the balcony into a dining area, large enough to hold the fridge, as well (this means more free space in the kitchen, too).

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Source: Lushome

#5 Relaxation Corner

Whether you practice yoga, meditation, or you simply want a quiet and relaxing space to unwind, you can have it. Your balcony can become this relaxation corner and help you regain inner tranquility after a hectic day at work.

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Source: AmazingInteriorDesign

#6 A Private Lounge

A lounge can be…anything you want it to be. Smoking room, coffee room, the place where you spend time chatting with friends and enjoying drinks… But can you really have it in a small apartment? Yes, you can. Just look at the gorgeous and luxurious Oriental themed lounge this person arranged on their balcony!

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Source: DIYHome

#7 Room Extension

By replacing the separating wall with glass gliding screens, this couple has effectively extended their living room. On fine days, they can invite friends on the outer patio, and protect their privacy with the roll down screen (which also works for projecting movies in the evening).

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Source: Hoppler

#8 A Funky Bar

When you are young and carefree, you wish you could throw a party every weekend. Good luck doing that in a tiny apartment, though. But with a bit of creative thinking, you can turn things around and repurpose your balcony as a cool bar which your friends will absolutely love.

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Source: Homify

#9 Home Office

The quiet place any entrepreneur needs to run a business from home can be created on the balcony with just a few changes. First of all, soundproof windows so you can focus on work. Secondly, add a few touches to help you be more productive – for this person, a fish tank. Third of all…motivation to start working, but that is entirely up to you.

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Source: Lushome

#10 Your Vanity Corner

Every woman needs her corner for arranging her hair and dong the magic which helps her look fresh and relaxed for a dinner out after a hard day at work. The vanity is this place, and for women living in small apartments, the balcony is the only available space to arrange it.

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Source: AmazingInteriorDesign

As you can see, there are so many possibilities to convert the balcony into a room and gain more living space in your tiny apartment. Just one small warning: check your zoning and building permits before you start remodeling work, such as tearing down a separating wall.


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