As much as we want summer to stay with us, it is no doubt that we’ll bid farewell to it soon. And although the weather will stay warm and mellow for a while, the subtle changes are already here. Days are shorter, mornings bring just a slight chill and fruit laden trees are very close to the prime harvest season. This is the perfect moment, when the full change brought by fall is not yet with us, to start preparing your home to be a warm and cozy nook during the cold season. And we are here to help you with various ideas and recommendations to cozy up your home for fall. In a sense, while you make these changes, you also get in the right mood to embrace fall when it comes. Therefore, let us get started!

#1 Rearrange the Furniture Around the Fireplace

Whether you have a fireplace, or other types of heaters, it is time to bring people around it. It is very helpful if you place the sofas and armchairs around it, after they were strategically moved to the porch or to sunny areas of the house. Your family and friends will look forward to the moment when the heat is turned up and they can all sit together and enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea.

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#2 Get the Mudroom Ready

The fall brings lots of rain, so rubber boots, umbrellas and raincoats will be in demand. While the summertime lasted, your mudroom made place to beach balls, roller skates or other similar accessories, it is time to restock it with everything your family will need to wear in the coming season.

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#3 Bring In the Potted Plants

Your plants surely enjoyed the long sunny days and the occasional shower. But as the nights get colder and colder, it is time to give them a safe haven indoors. It can be a beautiful family ritual: bringing in the plants to acknowledge the end of summer.

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#4 Create a Comfortable Reading Corner

As days get shorter, you will have to get indoors sooner than you were used to. But, surely, you still want to have a good time and relax. Reading is one of the most entertaining and enlightening occupation. With a soft pillow and a warm blanket, your autumn evenings will be absolutely wonderful.

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#5 Create Layers of Rugs on the Floor

Running around barefoot during the summer is really nice, but when fall comes, both you and your family members could catch a cold from the chilly floor. But with soft and warm rugs placed everywhere, in layers, that won’t be the case anymore. Plus, your house will be better insulated and you will spend less on the heating bill.

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#6 Change the Summer Bed Sheets

The light, soft, silky sheets in vivid colors should be replaced with warm linen and a comfortable duvet. Fall and winter bed sheets are also designed with warm, earthy colors, to give you an increased sense of comfort and safety.

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#7 Deck the Sofas with Pillows

Nothing says cozy and comfort more than a pile of soft, cuddly pillows. They are both decorative and useful so be generous and get as many as you can and spread them around: on the bed, on armchairs, on love seats and sofas. Mix colors and textures and you will create a decor that says home sweet home to everyone walking inside.

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#8 Throw a Blanket Here and There

Blankets are the best announcers of the cold season. When they are casually lying around, people are sure that fall is here and summer is a memory. While evenings out on the porch are still feasible, a warm blanket to wrap around you will surely keep you nice and cozy as the chilly wind sweeps the deck.

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#9 Use Fruit as Decorations

Fall is the season of bounty. Fruit and grains are ready to be picked and enjoyed. And what better way to embrace this season than by arranging baskets of fruit around your house? Apart from their beauty and fragrance, they also make delicious and healthy snacks for everyone in your family.

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#10 Light Some Candles

Made of simple beeswax or with various added scents, candles are romantic and provide a dim, warm light. They are also a messenger for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. So, by setting them on the table, you set the mood for the coming festivities.

fall 7

Source: TheBudgetDecorator

#11 Plug In More Lamps

Shorter days mean more time spent indoor and an increasing need for artificial light. Lamps are both a useful item and a clever decoration. Their design and placement can create accent lighting, set out a painting or piece of furniture and make the room more inviting.

fall 9

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#12 Pull the Curtains

As leaves start changing color and then falling off, the cheerful landscape seen through the windows changes. It becomes sad and desolate, once there is no more green, but bare earth and naked tree branches. This is the moment to get out your thick and colorful curtains and shut out the world outside. Curtains are not just a visual distraction, they also keep your home warmer.

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This concludes our list of recommendations to cozy up your home for the fall. Please share your own tips and advice with us and our readers.

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