The 1960s were an era of liberation in more than one way. The horrors of World War II were slowly fading from the collective memory, economies were thriving again and people wanted to embrace and celebrate life in any possible way. It was the time when artificial materials replaced traditional ones in anything from clothes to furniture and decorations. The wide range of possibilities to shape and color these materials led to some excesses. But, all in all, the mid-century decor was a mix of old and new, bold colors and rigorous geometric shapes, eccentric decorations and statement pieces of furniture, inspired from Sci-Fi movies and novels. And….guess what? This style is back in the trends and today we will show you how to create a modern mid-century decor in a small apartment. Let us get started!

#1 Say It Loud with an Art-Deco Mirror

The mid-century style is all about boasting your personality and exaggerations. A mirror cannot be just a mirror, but a fashion statement. Fancy frames, like this imitation of the sun rays is the perfect embodiment of this attitude. People shouldn’t only look at their reflection in the mirror. They should look AT the mirror and be amazed. Mission accomplished!

decor 2

Source: Freshome

#2 The Retro-Chic Kitchen

A retro chic kitchen is brightly colored, well equipped with all the modern appliances your need, and furnished in a simple manner, just like a diner. In such a kitchen, the Saturday Night Fever lives on, decade after decade. And your family will love it.

decor 3

Source: Brit

#3 Posters Everywhere

In the 1960’s posters became extremely popular as decorative items and they were even elevated to the quality of artwork. The modern retro inspired poster can be a reproduction of ’60s and ’70s classic ads, or feature your favorite music and movie stars. Just remember: it must be as brightly colored and exaggerated as possible!

decor 6

Source: Decoist

#4 Bold Wallpaper

Wallpapers were the rage in the mid-century fashionable home canons. But do not think that it was anything pastel, neutral or subtle. Bright color, bold patterns, strong contrasts between colors were the norm. The most ludicrous the pattern, the better. After all, what do you really want to say with so many flamingos on a cerulean blue background? That’s right, keep people guessing!

decor 8

Source: SmartFurniture

#5 Mix and Mismatch

What we have in this room is classic art-deco pottery, steampunk inspired floor lamp and clock and traditional furniture. This improbable mix works well together, giving a room a unique personality. It is the essence of mid-century life, hanging on family heirlooms and embracing new fashion and trends, as well.

decor 10

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#6 Display Collectibles

The ’60s were the years when people started collecting and displaying their hobbies in their homes. Whether it was a collection of framed prints and pictures, toy trains, or porcelain dolls, everyone created a display in the living room to show off their prized possessions.

decor 12

Source: HGTV

#7 Bring Back Classic Furniture

Wooden desks, cabinets and armoires are back in fashion…just like they were in the 1960’s. The mix between a modern and comfortable chair and a classic piece of wooden furniture was ruling the home decor trends. It is also less expensive to look for retro furniture at the flea market than to purchase brand new ones.

decor 1

Source: Freshome

#8 Statement Ceiling Lamps

Sources of lighting became just as sophisticated looking as decorative objects in the ’60s and ’70s. People were no longer satisfied with functional appliances, they wanted to express their style and personality with them. And the industry complied. Now, it is easier than ever to find statement designed home appliances in the most surprising shapes and colors.

decor 4

Source: Brit

#9 Sculptural Furniture

Art-deco inspired furniture has  surprising shapes, or takes pure geometry to the next level of simplicity.  A balanced mix between the two will help you create a sculptural decor, almost like a museum. The home is thus vested with one more function: that of being aesthetically pleasing and comfortable at the same time, in a spectacular, showy manner.

decor 5

Source: Decoist

#10 Industrial Chic

Industry was the key factor of economic growth in the 1960s and it is not surprising that it was celebrated in any aspect of life, including in home furniture and decorations. Industrial inspired furniture has a rugged, minimalist look and has a highly functional look with no decorative features.

decor 7

Source: SmartFurniture

#11 Back From the Future

Science fiction was taking a great hold of people’s imagination in the 1960s. It was the era of The Jetsons cartoon, many now classic Sci-Fi novels, TV series and blockbuster movies. There is no wonder that people wanted a piece of that in their own homes. Futuristic furniture become very popular and it had pride of place in the living room to impress dinner guests.

decor 9

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#12 Something From the Past

The old style traveling case has pride of place in this mid-century style home as storage solution for clothes and bed sheets. By opting for these retro looking items, the family creates a soft retro look which goes well with the antique looking mirror.

decor 11

Source: HGTV

Do you like this eclectic and vibrant style? As you can see, it is easy and affordable to create a modern mid century decor in a small apartment and be in tune with the latest trends.

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