Let us be honest, we all want to have a special place, outdoors, where we can relax, spend time with family, gaze at the stars, or simply lie down and rest. A patio, this is what we all want. Away from the constraints of small rooms, away from work and from the computer and the TV. A place where you can kick off your shoes and feel alive. But where can you really arrange this place? There is just a little stretch of land behind your house. Or a terrace if you live in an apartment complex. Well, that is all you need. You don’t believe us? Then we will show you twelve ways in which other people like you managed to create a small relaxing patio in a small space.

#1 Gather the Family Around the Barbecue

Freshly grilled steaks and baked potatoes…what could be more delicious on a warm Saturday afternoon? What is better, you do not have to go to a restaurant, but cook them an enjoy them on your own patio. This family decided to have their own rustic barbecue area, with terracotta tiles, comfortable furniture placed strategically under a tree to protect them from the glare of the sun. Simple, affordable and charming!

patio 11

Source: Deavita

#2 Have a Little Privacy

Tired of nosy neighbors? Then you should consider installing a pergola and arranging your little patio right under it. During summer nights, you get even some protection from pesky mosquitoes. Pergolas are popular because they are inexpensive, take little space and are available in many styles, from sleek modern design to country style rustic.

patio 2

Source: BHG

#3 Under the Faithful Tree

This family is the proud owner of a large old tree offering a bountiful shade. They decided that this is the perfect setting for a wooden deck and a lounging area. They did little to repress the nature around them, so the sense of camping out is very powerful and relaxing.

patio 4

Source: ElleDecor

#4 Cheer the Atmosphere with Pennants

A string of pennants is a festive decoration in popular bars and outdoor terraces. When you see them, you know immediately that you’re in a place where you’ll have fun and enjoy a nice meal and cool drinks. Bring the spirit of your favorite place for eating out in your own little patio with this simple but evocative decoration.

patio 6

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#5 Create a Magic Atmosphere with Fairy Lights

Strings of fairy lights are not used only for Thanksgiving and Christmas decoration. They can provide a romantic, discreet lighting by entwining them with crawler plants, in the branches or trees or around the patio frame. This family has created the right setting for a very private and romantic dinner and it is just at the back of their house, in their DIY patio.

patio 8

Source: HNGIdeas

#6 Mediterranean Style

Rustic wooden garden furniture, a generous parasol, cheerful colors – no, it is not an Italian seaside terrace, but a family’s backyard patio. They want to feel that they are on an endless holiday whenever they step out of their house, and this patio is really good at keeping the illusion alive.

patio 10

Source: HomeDesignLover

#7 Peace and Love In a Hippie Style Patio

These people may have been teenagers in the flower power era, or they simply love this carefree and relaxed lifestyle. At any rate, they managed to create the spirit of the ’60s on their patio, with ethnic prints and relaxing love seats, where you can lie and take a nap without a worry in the world.

patio 12

Source: Deavita

#8 Awkward Space? Match It with Furniture

This people have a small round free space in their backyard. Instead of clearing the beautiful bushes and trees for a few inches of space, they did the best they could with what they had: they purchased a round table and set chairs around it. The perfect fit of the table in the space and the symmetry of designs makes this tiny patio a pleasant retreat anyone would love to have.

patio 1

Source: BHG

#9 Make New Use of Old Things

A sturdy old trunk has become an original and retro looking coffee table in the middle of this family’s patio. This shows that you do not have to break the bank in order to have a better life at home through various developments: you need to look around and find new ways to use some of the stuff you already have.

patio 3

Source: ElleDecor

#10 Cheer Things Up with a Vertical Garden

No space for a patio AND a garden? Well, then build the patio…and install the garden on a vertical wall. This family enjoys a little space for meals outdoors and relaxation, as well as the cheerful flowers they grow in pots installed on the separating wall.

patio 5

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#11 Jacuzzi And Chill

A Jacuzzi tub outside? In the patio? Why not? Just think of the level of rest and relaxation you can achieve after a long day at work: the hot bubbly bath, the shade of trees, bird chirping, the soft wind blowing and your favorite cocktail close at hand. This family certainly knows how to live the good life, even in a small space.

patio 7

Source: HNGIdeas

#12 An Urban Garden

Fans of the minimalist, urban style, feast your eyes: this small patio is everything you want to have: the smooth, freshly cut grass caresses your feet, the modern design of chairs does not sacrifice comfort, and there is not one item in sight that does not belong there.

patio 9

Source: HomeDesignLover

And with this last example we conclude our list of recommendations. As you can observe, it does not take a lot of space or money to create a small relaxing patio. All you need to do is decide to start working on it.


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