Life in a small apartment is full of challenges. One of these is finding a quiet and private place to arrange book shelves and a desk for studying and doing homework. This challenge is faced both by families with children going to school and by students and young academics who cannot afford anything beyond a studio or a cramped apartment. However, there are ways to arrange such an area and we will show you how to do it. We looked at how others do it and selected ten effective ways to create a study corner in a small apartment. Let us get started!

#1 Multi-Functional Library Furniture

This classic book case made of solid wood has a pull down shelf which can be used for installing your computer and arranging the writing supplies you need for studying. Note the generous space for books, notebooks and writing paper – it is worth buying such a piece of furniture, even though it looks bulky.

study 2

Source: OneGetAll

#2 Incorporate a Study Corner in the Bunk Beds

This is a great idea for families with children. Most probably, you will opt for bunk beds for the children’s room in order to give them more space to play. Why wouldn’t you take the space saving efforts just a bit further by also incorporating a desk with chair for the children to do their homework?

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#3 In a Niche

This niche, most probably for a cupboard, is much more useful as a private study area, away from the traffic in the room and the noise. As an extra touch, this person also painted the front wall in black, to serve as blackboard for writing memos and small reminders.

study 6

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#4 Two Study Places, One Small Area

This tall piece of furniture with open shelves represents the perfect solution to create two separate study areas and give each child sufficient space to arrange their school books and do their homework in peace and quiet. And look what a small space it takes!

study 7

Source: Homestoriesatoz

#5 Embrace Minimalism

The solution for arranging a study corner in a tiny room? Opt for minimalist furniture and eliminate any item which is not strictly necessary for your work. These days, all you need for study and doing homework is a computer, anyway.

study 9

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#6 Floating Shelves

The study desk is a clever extension of the floating book shelves. The entire study area fits snugly into the corner of this child’s bedroom and is spacious enough for a sitting comfortable under natural sunlight and keeping all the necessary writing supplies and books, without making the room look crowded and cluttered.

study 1

Source: OneGetAll

#7 Modern Bedroom & Study

The clever choice of modern, space saving furniture allows this person to have a comfortable bed and spacious study area in a really small room – but it does not look cramped at all. What are the key features of this smart furnishing style? The smart arrangement of cubby floating shelves and the tall and narrow cupboard save a lot of space by offering storage space for clothes and study books.

study 3

Source: Iranews

#8 In A Corner

Sometimes, the only space you have available for a study area is a narrow corner. But it is quite enough if you opt for skinny furniture and limit yourself to the computer. After all, we are doing almost everything online right now.

study 5

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#9 In a Walk-In Wardrobe

This family repurposed the walk-in wardrobe as a study area for their child. Every part of the wardrobe is cleverly used, including the doors, to create storage area and keep the space looking cozy and uncluttered. The mirror installed above the computer reflects light from the window and makes this small niche feel more spacious and comfortable.

study 8

Source: Homestoriesatoz

#10 Repurpose Old Furniture

A retro looking hallway table and old school chair are sufficient to create a small study area at the side of the sofa in the living room. It is a matter of finding a new purpose and a new place for furniture you already have and which does not serve a clear purpose right now.


Source: ApartmentTherapy

As you can see from these examples, it is possible to create an individual space for studying even in the most challenging situations. We hope that these examples of arranging a study area in a small apartment will inspire you to create your own.

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