Everyone needs a quiet corner where they can do some work – either as a freelancer, or some extra projects beside the full time job. Or simply, you want to keep track of expenses, prepare your tax return and engage in various other work related activity. “That’s what the home office is for!” Correct, but what if your home is too small to fit an office or work place in a separate room? Then you need to be creative and identify the areas in which you can create a working space in your small apartment. Here are a few helpful ideas:

#1 Sacrifice Half of the Wardrobe

Yes, it is hard to give up wardrobe space and find other places to keep your clothes, but this decision will give you plenty of space for a desk and a chair and even some floating shelves for books and folders.


Source: BHG

#2 Make Use of Hallway Ends

A the dead end of a narrow hallway is not very useful in any way. You cannot fit a washing machine or a cabinet in there. But small desk and some wall mounted shelves will fit snugly and give you a quiet and private corner to do your work (really, who stalks the dead end of a hallway?).


Source: Houzz

#3 Place Your Desk Right Under a Window

There is no way you can install any kind of tall furniture in front of a window, because you would be deprived of natural light. However, this is the perfect spot for your desk, papers, books, and anything else you need for your work projects.


Source: ChapterFriday

#4 In Your Bedroom

When you live in a small house or apartment, little by little rooms gain several functions apart for the main one. The kitchen becomes also a dining room, the living room is also used for the children’s play area and the bedroom can accommodate a desk where you can do your work.


Source: RealSimple

#5 Under the Stairs

We could write an entire book about the various ways in which you can take advantage of the awkward space under the stairs. For the purposes of this article, here is a comfortable and well equipped home office arranged in this specific space.


Source: Decoist

#6 In a Tiny Corner

If you’re a fan of minimalist decorations and furniture, you will love this understated desk, equipped with all the modern technology you need for work. And if you are not still a fan, perhaps you should consider giving it a try. It may be the only solution for having a working space in your tiny home.


Source: ApartmentTherapy

#7 Size Doesn’t Matter

If you can sit comfortably and work on your computer, does it really matter whether you have a full sized desk or not? Then this retro wall mounted side table is just right to create a small working space in a tiny room.


Source: BHG

#8 Repurpose an Old Armoire

Old time furniture looks great, is dependable and has so many surfaces and compartments you can use. An armoire can keep your coffee cups and silverware and serve as a desk for correspondence, keeping track of bills or doing any kind of office work you need.


Source: RealSimple

#9 Give Your Cupboard a Makeover

Harry Potter lived in a cupboard as a kid, so you can do your work in a cupboard, right? When you have no other available space, consider this as your last resort idea. And it is a really good one, too. Your important or confidential documents and files will be away from other family members and easy to keep track of.


Source: ApartmentTherapy

#10 Use Foldable Furniture

This foldable table can be put away when you need access to all the parts of the cupboard. The way it stands against the wall is really useful for you to arrange various office supplies and does not prevent anyone from walking leisurely across the room.


Source: Decoist

As you can see, it takes a little imagination to find and furnish the right space where you can fit your working space even in a tiny apartment. Good luck with your redecoration work!

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