A small bedroom isn’t necessarily a bad thing (unless you are claustrophobia). I have had a small bedroom in all the apartments I’ve moved to. The reason is because I live in a big city and as a compromise between apartment quality, public transport connection and apartment size, the size always has to be compromised. Small bedrooms give me a cozier feeling and prevent me from “multifunctionalize” it. And believe me, it is not that much more difficult decorating a small bedroom than with a big one. Keep in mind the following principles and your decoration project is just a breeze.

Less is more

how to decorate a small bedroom

One color tone decorating and bed skirt to hide away storage under the bed

This seems obvious, in order to have more space there need to be less stuff. Imagine a Zen style bedroom with minimal furnishing and a bedroom cluttered with stuff in every corner, which one do you think would look more spacious? The secret of making a small bedroom look bigger is to sneak away anything that is not critically important. Any inches in your small bedroom could be used for storage. Under the bed is a perfect place to sneak in storage boxes. If you have one of those beds that have drawers under, then storage is a breeze. But if you do not and are scared that all the boxes would be visible, you can add a bed skirt that hides all the under-the-bed secrets away. I would image that a ruffled skirt would even add beauty to your bedroom.

“Less is more” always goes with your choice of colors for your bedroom. If you want your bedroom to look bigger, use as little contrasting colors as possible. Colors should be matching or better in the same tone. So for example your furniture color could be in the same or similar tones with your bedding and your curtains. This will open up and create an airy feeling for your small bedroom.

Let there be light

Sunlight is an easy to lighten up your bedroom and thus makes it look bigger. Go for curtains and blinds that can be opened fully in order to allow the sun to come in. Choose light colored curtains that let the sun go through and at the same time still give you privacy. Avoid heavy curtain fabrics as they do not only block the sun but also create a more cluttered feel to your bedroom.

Up on the wallhow to decorate a small bedroom

This advice is especially for lighting and nightstands. Attaching bed lamps on the wall will free up spaces next to the bed and thus makes your bedroom look bigger and airier. Some people advise that you should lose the nightstands all together but I wouldn’t be able to go that way. I need space for my alarm clock, my book, my night body lotion, etc. Small shelves attached the wall can act as nightstands so you wouldn’t have to compromise your comfort.

Problem with the wardrobe doors

I prefer to have my clothes closet nearest to me all the time, so I always try to make them fit in the bedroom. However sometimes you might run into problems like: the bedroom is so small that an opened wardrobe door would block the way. In this case you can change the wardrobe door with a heavy fabric curtain. The heavy curtain acts as a door for your wardrobe and still makes it possible to walk around the bedroom!

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