The company Pantone was founded in 1950 and its crucial contribution to the world is creating a set of standard codes for all the colors you can think of. No matter on what continent and in what country you are, if you use the Pantone code you will always obtain the paint or fabric color you want. Beside bringing order in the world of colors, Pantone also tries to bring the world together by setting the general mood for an entire year with its Color of the Year. For 2017, the Pantone color of the year is greenery – the light green of freshly budding leaves in spring. It is a cheerful and optimistic color and you should include it in the decor of your home. Today we will show you how to decorate with greenery even in a small apartment.

#1 Start with the Front Door

Do you think that your front door needs a makeover? Then let us suggest repainting it in the color greenery. It is such a lovely and welcoming color! Your neighbors and friends will feel the positive vibes and enjoy knocking on your bright green door.

greenery 9

Source: Oprah

#2 Dining Room Chairs

A spot of bright color will bring everyone around the dining table and you will spend meaningful time with your family. Greenery is a great color for dining room chairs, especially in combination with neutral colors like white, cream and light beige.

greenery 1

Source: SettingForFour

#3 A Mix of Decorations and Plants

Greenery is the color of leaves and grass in spring. It is thus very appropriate to decorate your living room with a clever mix of rugs, curtains and natural apartment plants and flowers. For an added effect, look for floral and botanical patterns for upholstery and textiles.

greenery 4

Source: IdealHome

#4 Bathroom Tiles

The color green is the color of nature, so it is a great choice for the bathroom, where we are in our natural state whenever we take a shower or early in the morning when we wash sleep away. An energy inducing color like green is just what you need to get started for a new busy day.

greenery 6

Source: Dailydesignews

#5 Decorative Cushions

Cushions are the simplest and most effective accessories if you want to set the mood in your living room or bedroom with a minimum investment. They are both decorative and useful and do not clutter the room (unless you start filling the room with them).

greenery 8

Source: DigsDigs

#6 Accent Color for An Architectural Feature

The staircase design in this house would go unnoticed if it did not have a greenery tint attracting the eye to look at it. Any special feature in the design of your home is worth repainting to draw attention and distract from the small size of the room as a whole.

greenery 10

Source: Nonagon

#7  Table Lamps

Modern table lamps are available in the widest range of colors you can think of. You will certainly find a greenery colored one in the style fitting the rest of the furniture and decor of your house. Table lamps are very useful if you like reading in the evening or to showcase a specific artwork item you are proud of.

greenery 2

Source: SettingForFour

#8 The Headboard

Maybe you do not have the money to change your bed, but you can refresh its look with a fresh coat of paint. And why not pick a bright and cheerful color such as greenery? It will make your entire bedroom feel more vibrant, cozy and welcoming at the same time.

greenery 3

Source: IdealHome

#9 A Statement Sofa

Time for a new sofa? If you need to spend money on one, at least choose a memorable one, full of character. This comfortable model in bright greenery and with classic lines will be an instant hit with all your family members.

greenery 5

Source: Dailydesignews

#10 An Accent Wall

Greenery is too bright and vibrant to use it as the main color for all the walls in a room. However, it is a perfect accent color for one wall, provided that the others are in neutral colors.

greenery 7

Source: DigsDigs

There are many other ways in which you can decorate with greenery around your house. This is the kind of color which works for any room, from the bedroom to the bathroom, and even out on the balcony. Feel free to share your own ideas with us!

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