Life is always better with a dog or a cat…or any kind of pet. Animals make great friends who are always loyal, never judge us and offer unconditional love. An overwhelming majority of American families have at least one pet. Some of these furry friends have a large yard for running and prancing about. However, others have to be satisfied with a small apartment. We don’t know how pets feel about this, but we definitely know how hard people work to keep their house clean, neat and to offer their four legged friends some personal space for eating, sleeping and playing. Therefore, today we will help you out with a few tips on how to live in a small apartment with pets.

#1 Find a Corner for a Scratch Post

Scratch posts are available in many shapes and sizes and you will certainly find one which fits your small apartment. This is a must have accessory for cat owners. It has the double role of keeping your cat entertained and saving your furniture from being scratched to shreds.


Source: Shescribes

#2 Pet Proof Your Home

Just like small children, pets are very curious and will try to squeeze in every corner and smell and taste every substance they encounter. You should keep all hazardous substances away from your pets, in locked cabinets and drawers. Also, identify dangerous areas (such as open balconies) and take proper steps to prevent your pet from reaching them.


Source: RealEstate

#3 Choose Cheap, Replaceable Carpets

I you choose to have a pet, some things are understood: one of them is that you cannot have expensive, richly decorated rugs and carpets. Your pets will scratch, shed hair or even have little “accidents” on them. At any rate, simple, monochrome carpets are recommended for small rooms to make them look bigger.


Source: DIYNetwork

#4 Pick a Pet Adapted to Small Apartment Living

Perhaps this is something self apparent, but when you decide to bring a pet into your tiny apartment, choose one adapted in size to it. Large breeds of dogs, for example, are not going to love the cramped space and the inability to run around. They also tend to shed lots of hair.


Source: AboutPetLife

#5 Opt for Patterned Upholstery

As much as you try to keep your house spotless clean, it is difficult to do so with a pet in the house. Light colored and monochrome upholstered furniture will show all too painfully that your dog or cat has been there. Small shaped and colored patterns are the best option for your small apartment and furry friend.


Source: ApartmentTherapy

#6 Pets Love Cubby Furniture

We have shared extensive advice on the usefulness of cubbies to help you create more storage space in your small home. Here’s one more use for them: they make great places for arranging your pets’ beds. Cubby furniture also serves as a playing area for cats, allowing you to walk through the room without interrupting their play.


Source: 6sqft

#7 Be Careful About Apartment Plants

Plants help decorate small apartments and bring a touch of color to the decor. But many popular apartment plants are toxic, some even deadly for pets. Before you buy a plant, search the internet to find out if it is safe for your dog or cat.


Source: RealEstate

#8 Invest In a Good Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of those home appliances you should not skimp on if you have pets. Even if the price is above your tolerance level, consider all the time you will save in the long run compared to the use of your old, lower power vacuum cleaner.


Source: DIYNetwork

#9 Have a Mobile Pet Grooming Table

Dogs with long hair need grooming frequently. Otherwise, your bathroom pipes will clog frequently from all the hair falling off your furry friend when you bathe it. With a grooming table, you can safely dispose of surplus hair and spend quality time with your dog, as well. Plus, since it is on caster wheels, you can wheel it away into the mud room.


Source: AboutPetLife

#10 Buy a Professional Litter Box

No unpleasant odors, no mess, no extra work to clean up after your cat: all these thanks to a specialized litter box. It is compact sized and your cat will certainly love to use it (after all, cats love a place where they can do their business in privacy). Your entire family will be thankful for this thoughtful investment.


Source: 6sqft

This concludes our list of tips for how to live in a small apartment with pets. We are certain that your pets and your extended family will be happy to see the improvements in your home after you implement a few of these ideas.


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