The 1st of June is the Children’s Day worldwide and all parents try their best to make it a happy day for their kids. Many parties and surprises are taking place as you’re reading this and the memories of them will last for years. However, some parents try to surprise their children with a longer lasting special event: the redecoration of their room. Children are usually excited about everything new and a change in their environment helps them grow, discover new interests and broaden their horizon of understanding and knowledge. Of course, a full scare remodeling job is out of the question – too expensive. But the little things are those which matter most and which children really appreciate. Therefore, today we will give you some tips on how to redecorate the children’s room on a budget.

#1 Wall Stickers/ Decals

This is probably the cheapest way of making a major change in your child’s room. Thankfully, you have a huge variety of decal models to choose from: from superheroes, to fairy tale themes, to famous athletes or singers to…whatever your child really likes. Just go to the children’s section in your local home improvement store and you’ll definitely find something interesting.

children 2

Source: IdealHome

#2 Get Creative With Wall Paint

Ready for a more permanent redecoration job? Grab a few cans of complementary pastel colors, draw patterns on the wall and…start painting. For lack of time, these parents decided to stick to the area just behind their child’s crib. But you can go all the way, on all walls if you want.

children 4

Source: HGTV

#3 Get Creative with the Growth Chart

Every child wants to know how tall they’ve grown and keep a track record of notches month after month, year after year. Standard charts are simple metric bars. But that is nowhere as creative as you can get. This mother opted for a giraffe design. It looks really sweet and the entire family will treasure it and its notches.

children 5

Source: RealSimple

#4 A Brand New Way of Using Socks

Do you hate the noise made by children’s tables and chairs when they are dragged across the room? So did these parents. And they decided to do something about it. They found beautifully colored socks and dressed every table and chair leg. Creative and useful, right?

children 8

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#5 Washi Tape Galore

Washi tape is very useful for various crafts and you’d be amazed how many colors and patterns you can find in a store. Why do we mention it? Because it yet another simple and inexpensive solution for giving your child’s room a makeover. Better yet, you should involve your child in choosing the tape models and applying it on the walls. It will really be an amazing DIY project for the entire family.

children 9

Source: CuteDIYProjects

#6 The House within the House

Simple bunk beds can turn into a wonderful world in their own for your children with some DIY work and a little investment. In short, you are going to cover the front of the bunk beds with a house frame – with wide open windows, awning and whatever else your imagination and DIY skills can create. This change will surely leave your kids starry eyed!

children 12

Source: ArchitecturalDigest

#7 Use Their Own Art as Decorations

This decoration choice is not only inexpensive, but it will also work wonders on your child’s self esteem. By choosing their own drawings as decorations, you give your child the message that what they created is valuable and treasured by the entire family.

children 1

Source: IdealHome

#8 Patterns Make the Difference

Patterns create the sense of volume, of movement, of depth or of added height. Used expertly, combinations of patterns in small decorative items as cushions, rugs and bedspreads will make the entire room look and feel different.

children 3

Source: HGTV

#9 Ribbons Everywhere

Little girls love ribbons and they keep loving them even when they grow up. And this is why you should keep in mind this small but significant decorative item when you are planning a redecoration of your daughter’s room. A few colorful ribbons attached to the knobs of dressers shelves will make a great difference in the look of this piece of furniture. You can start from here and find other creative places where you can affix ribbons.

children 6

Source: RealSimple

#10 Tree House Lamp

Here is another cute DIY project for you and your spouse: turn a standard night guard lamp into a magical item which your child will love with a few painted cardboard or wooden cut-outs and some glue. Here’s the idea: it doesn’t have to be a tree house, you can make whatever you know that your child likes: a Jack O’Lantern, a magical castle, a spaceship, etc.

children 7

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#11 Cloud Shelves

All the toys seem to be happy to sit on this cute looking shelf. If you are wondering where to find one, let us tell you that it is so simple to make it yourself. Place cloud shaped decals on the walls and add floating shelves in the same color and in the right place. That’s all!

children 10

Source: CuteDIYProjects

#12 Noah’s Ark

Whether you believe it or not, the story of Noah’s ark is a great one – especially in order to teach your children about all the animals on the planet. These determined parents wanted to give their children more than a bedtime story – they created the ark, which the children started to fill with plush animals. Isn’t it adorable?

children 11

Source: ArchitecturalDigest

And we’re done! We hope that our examples on how to redecorate your children’s room on a budget prove helpful and will inspire you to surprise your child with a great makeover of their bedroom. Good luck!

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