One of the greatest disadvantages of living in an apartment complex is the lack of nature around you. A detached house, no matter how small, still has a patch of garden in front of it. Save for keeping indoor plants, what can apartment owners do to create a pleasant sense of being close to nature and relax? The answer lies on your balcony. In fact, it is your balcony. No matter how small it is, there are many ways of decorating it to create a small nook of comfort and beauty. Today we will show you how to turn your small balcony into a relaxing space in ten different ways to satisfy all tastes.

#1  A Cozy Breakfast Room

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should take your time enjoying it in a pleasant atmosphere, which will give you the energy boost and positive mindset you need for a busy day at work. So, what could be more pleasant than having breakfast on your balcony? Even if it is tiny, it still gives you enough space to install a table for two and a few nice decorations.


Source: Shelterness

#2 A Romantic Corner

That bed looks really cozy and inviting for a long romantic dinner. And those fairy lights give it a magical glow, like in the best stories with princes and princesses. You almost forget that it is simply a small balcony, right? This romantic scenery can be found in your own balcony, with a very small investment and lots of creativity.


Source: Buzzfeed

#3 A Mediterranean Terrace

Lots of beautiful flowers, a chic table and two chairs, a freshly made cappuccino and you really feel like you are sitting at a terrace in Italy or Spain, enjoying the best time of your life. A clever choice of garden furniture, some potted flowers and your own coffee making skills can create this scene every day in your own balcony.


Source: Homedit

#4 Create Some Privacy

Do you feel uncomfortable relaxing on the balcony because of your neighbors’ prying eyes? The simplest solution to this problem is to install a light canopy and place a loveseat or an armchair under it. You can now enjoy your lazy afternoons without any worry about anyone looking at you.


Source: Sfglobe

#5 An Exotic Getaway

A hammock and a delicious cocktail, lots of sun and nothing to do. This sounds like an exotic island holiday, but it is actually what you could do on your own balcony anytime you want. Just a few pieces of furniture and your own exotic corner is ready to help you rest and relax.


Source: Cuded

#6 An Oriental Palace

Are you a fan of stories with Aladdin or the 100 Arabian Nights? Then you could relive them on your own balcony, with the right kind of furniture, of course. A few carpets, decorative pillows on the sofa, a bead curtain and voila, you have your own Arabian palace on your balcony!


Source: Shelterness

#7 The Green Grass of Home

Well, this is not actual grass, but artificial one. If you feel confident that you can take care of real grass without flooding the neighbors, then you can go 100% natural. Once your green refuge is ready, you can install an easy chair and enjoy reading, meditating or simply taking a nap.


Source: Buzzfeed

#8 Your Little Wine Bar

A glass of wine is delicious and relaxing at the end of a hard day at the office. And it will taste even better if you arrange a small wine bar on your balcony, making you feel like you are in a real tapas and wine restaurant.


Source: Homedit

#9 Your Meditation Corner

A comfortable seat, a wind chime, incense burners…and you have your own retreat for meditation. If you haven’t tried it before, you should at least see if it works for you. Many people say that it does wonder for their inner peace and relaxation.


Source: Sfglobe

#10 Your Small Library

Reading is the most relaxing activity for many people. They can enter a new world every day, discover exciting adventures and learn useful things. Having a quiet place to enjoy reading is a little luxury you can enjoy in your balcony, with the help of a little shelf to arrange a selection of books, your favorite armchair and a few indoor plants to add a spot of color.


Source: Cuded

As you can see, we tried to think of various types of decor and preferences in our recommendations on how to turn your small balcony into a relaxing space. As always, we welcome your own suggestions and ideas on decorating the balcony.

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