Whether natural or electric, light is one of the basic elements we need in our life. Light signifies life, energy and joy. And we build our entire environment in a way which incorporates it tot the maximum extent. Basements have electric lights, rooms have windows. When we step inside a well lighted room, we instantly have the impression of large and cozy space in which we can move freely. Conversely, a large room, if it is badly lit, feels small and oppressive. Many people use light as a visual trick to make their rooms seem more spacious. Thus, today we will show you some simple ways to use light to make a small room feel bigger. Let us start!

#1 Place a Mirror Opposite to the Window

The simplest trick to make light bounce around the room and give the impression of larger space is to place a mirror right across the room from your window. This is also a great way to light up dark corners in rooms with an awkward shape, where natural light does not reach its entire surface.

light 1

Source: Remodelista

#2 Create Seating Areas Around the Windows

Seating areas are the places where most people gravitate to. They will focus their eyes on the window and on the image outside (no matter how mundane) and will forget about the actual size of the room.

light 3

Source: Brightside

#3 Use Track Lighting

Track lighting is the ideal solution if you want to manipulate electric light in such a way as to enhance the vertical and horizontal space in your room. Track lighting represents literally a series of light bulbs or LEDs on tracks which can be laid on the ceiling, across the walls or along the angles and corners of the room.

light 6

Source: CertifiedLighting

#4 Use Lamps with Short Shades

Short shades are the right choice for lighting up a small room. The light is allowed do spread at a greater intensity across the room.  For an increased effect, place the lamp in front of a mirror and see how light invades your room and gives it the look of a much larger space.

light 8

Source: Pooky

#5 Replace Interior Doors with French Windows

French windows are actually doors…only that they are made of glass allowing light to get into the room without restraints. By changing regular, solid doors, with glass doors inside your apartment, your tiny room will have natural light flowing in from two different sources: the door and the window.

light 10

Source: Hipvan

#6 Use Flowing, See Through Curtains

Curtains are very tricky in small rooms. They can block the light, look overbearing and add to the sense of small, restricted space. However, if you opt for very light, naturally flowing materials, in a light color (white, pale yellow) the sense of light and space is multiplied by the continuous wavy movement of the curtains.

light 2

Source: Remodelista

#7 Make the Windows Seem Bigger

There is one single instance when dark, heavy curtains work in a small room: by placing them precisely on both sides of the window, from ceiling to floor. The overall impression is that the window spans from wall to wall and that the room is larger and more luminous.

light 4

Source: Brightside

#8 Opt for Unconventional Lighting

Difficult spaces need creative solutions for optimal lighting. Creative spot lighting installed on the walls and showcasing a high ceiling is the simple and effective trick for making this small room feel more spacious and welcoming.

light 5

Source: CertifiedLighting

#9 Use Long Pendant Ceiling Lamps

Some rooms have a small surface but are high. This is an asset not to be overlooked – and with the help of ceiling lamps type long-stemmed pendants you will be able to make people focus on the height of the room and perceive it as bigger.



Source: Pooky

#10 Combine Sources of Light

Just because you have a large ceiling lamp, it does not mean that you cannot add a floor lamp or a couple of nice table lamps. By having light from several sources, you remove all shadows from the room and it looks bigger.

light 9

Source: Hipvan

And with this we have reached the end of our recommendations for various ways to use light to make a small room look bigger. If you have the patience to analyze your room and see its weak points in terms of lighting, you will certainly discover the perfect solution to make it more luminous and spacious.

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