Mirrors are very important in our lives since their invention almost two thousand years ago. They are the witnesses to our vanity and attempts to tame the hair in the morning and wash away the stress and tiredness of a long day at work. But most of all, mirrors are known for their deceptive powers. Phrases like “smoke and mirrors” indicate that sometimes mirrors do not reflect the reality, but rather what we want others to see. And this is a very useful quality when we are talking about living in a house with small rooms. The clever placement of mirrors can trick the eye and make people believe that the room is more spacious. Today we will show you how to use mirrors to make a room look bigger in twelve different ways.

#1 Mirrored Furniture

Kitchen cabinets with mirrored surfaces are becoming more and more popular. They have a polished, high tech look and can be easily integrated in any decor. For small rooms, mirrored furniture is of great advantage of reflecting everything around them to the point that they almost double the perceived area of the room.

mirrors 1

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#2 At The End of the Corridor

Short corridors look really restrictive and mean. You wonder why they are there, since you can only take two or three steps. Yet, a large mirror placed at the end of the corridor can make you feel that you are in a much larger space and feel more at ease. This is also a great trick for lighting up the corridor at all times with only one source of light.

mirrors 3

Source: Houzz

#3 They Do It With Mirrors

It is hard to appreciate the true size of this tiny bathroom. Why? Because the adjoining walls are covered with mirrors which reflect each other. This is the simplest trick to make a tiny corner feel much larger and better lighted. Just don’t get lost among reflections…

mirrors 6

Source: Popsugar

#4 Smart Reflections

Mirrors are very versatile when it comes to setting the mood and lighting of a room. By a clever arrangement of spot lighting and small mirrors, this room can sparkle like a dance floor, or be showered in an intimate, diffuse light.

mirrors 7

Source: SonomaMag

#5 The Statement Mirror

The statement mirror is not just a source of reflecting light, but the key decorative element in a room. It is large, set in an artistic frame and placed at the precise angle where it can reflect the room properly and become a focus of visual attention.

mirror 10

Source: Redonline

#6 The Mirror Wall

Mounted on the wall just in front of the ceiling lamp, this large mirror also receives natural light from the side window and makes the room feel larger, more luminous and welcoming. The placement of the dining table in front of the mirror is not by accident. People sitting at it will always feel that they are sitting in a much larger room simply by glancing in the mirror next to them.

mirror 11

Source: Decoist

#7 Layered Mirrors

Both esthetic and functional, this bathroom arrangement features a mirror wall on which an ornate, Venetian style mirror is applied. This means that light has more angled facets to bounce against and be reflected all over the room. Plus, the reflected space is also multiplied making the room look much larger.

mirrors 2

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#8 Turn Your Closet Doors into a Mirror

Bedrooms with built-in closets look quite small and crowded. But there is a simple trick to turn that around: apply mirrors on all the doors of the closet and you achieve several things. For one, the room feels larger. It will also be more lighted both during the day and at night when you turn on the lamp. And thirdly, you can get dressed and arrange your hair in front of the closet, without having to create a toilette corner.

mirrors 4

Source: Houzz

#9 Mirrors as Faux Windows

This beautifully decorated room has two lovely windows overlooking the…room? Yes, these are actually mirrors carefully designed and arranged to look like windows and make the room feel considerably bigger. The style is in perfect agreement with the classic furniture and decorations and blends in naturally with the architecture and decor.

mirrors 5

Source: Popsugar

#10 Light Up the Hallway

Long and dark hallways are just as bad as short ones. But this impression can be quickly turned around by arranging a series of mirrors along it, accompanying people as they walk through it. This honeycomb model of mirror is a great option, because it is very easy to arrange in various patterns.

mirrors 8

Source: SonomaMag

#11 Behind the Sofa

Placing a large mirror behind a sofa creates the illusion that your guests are not sitting right against the wall, but in the middle of a more spacious room.

mirrors 9

Source: Redonline

#12 Go for Surprising Shapes

Mirrors should be square or oval, right? Actually, they can be whatever shape you want. This family opted for a bold fan shape and chose three mirrors arranged in various positions on the wall.

mirrors 12

Source: Decoist

There are many, many more ways in which you can use mirrors to make a small room look bigger. Most certainly, you have discovered a few effective tips and tricks. Why don’t you share them with us?


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