The first impression when you walk inside a house is formed in the entryway. Does it give you the sense that you stepped into a warm and welcoming home, or sheer chaos? Most people do not realize how much it affects not just their visiting friends, but also their own mood and state of mind as they walk in the house. But in many cases, when you only have a small and narrow entryway, its is almost impossible to furnish and decorate it as you would like. We understand your struggle and have tried to come up with a list of helpful tips and ideas which will inspire you to create a pleasant decor in your entryway.

#1 Open Up the Walk-In Closet

Small entryways usually have a walk-in closet to the side to serve as mudroom. If you want to give the impression of a larger and more welcoming space, then get rid of the doors, repaint the frame and make the walk-in closet look like a natural extension of the entryway.


Source: Goodhousekeeping

#2 Add a Little Color

When an entryway is really a non-existent entryway, there is very little to do in terms of furniture or decorations. However, an indoor plant (even a small tree) is a welcoming presence, adding up a little color and vivacity to the place.


Source: Decoist

#3 Rethink the Pegboard

Starting with the basic functionality of a pegboard, create a surface with various clothes hooks, cleverly arranged by height of every family member. It is an original and space saving way of keeping coats, scarves and hats neatly ordered in a small and narrow hallway.


Source: Apersonalorganizer

#4 Repurpose an Old Bench

Wooden benches are charming – and a perfect fit for narrow entryways. You can usually find them for a very small price or even for free when public buildings or churches are refurbished. Give it a new shine with a coat of lacquer and create a cozy place for people to sit as they put on and take off their shoes.


Source: Houzz

#5 Work Around Awkward Areas

Having a radiator in a small entryway is truly awkward. Surely, it’s nice to step into a warm atmosphere the moment you close the main door behind you, but where can you place at least a little table to leave your keys and gloves? This clever homeowner placed a small console above the radiator and arranges the shoes around it (what a nice idea, stepping into warm shoes in the morning!). A large painting and a statement lamp complete the decor.


Source: Apartmenttherapy

#6 Mirror, Mirror on the Walls

Here’s a simple and effective trick to make a small entryway seem bigger – place mirror on the opposite walls. Just be careful that the visitors to your house do not get lost in their repeated reflections…


Source: HouseBeautiful

#7 Place a Carpet with Vertical Stripes

This carpet has one main role in the small entryway we see here: to make it appear longer and more spacious than it is. Stripes are very powerful visual tricksters so master the art of using them around your house to enhance its look.


Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#8 A Game of Symmetry

Rigorous geometrical symmetry works wonders for this narrow entryway. The mirrored placement of identical pieces of furniture and decorations creates the illusion of a larger space.


Source: ByStephanieLynn

#9 Go Bold with Storage Solutions

One way to disguise the little to no available space in the entryway is to place beautiful storage solutions – such as a modern looking umbrella stand and a tray for shoes. In every aspect of life beauty overtakes size.


Source: Goodhousekeeping

#10 Place an All-In-One Entryway Piece of Furniture

This amazing piece of furniture has all you need: mirror, umbrella stand, console and drawers for various small items and sufficient place to store a couple of pairs of shoes. Its compact size belies its usefulness and the unique look certainly gives character to your entryway.


Source: Decoist

#11 A Rustic Touch

This wooden bench with storage space has a rustic, mountain cabin look and solves many problems regarding where to store out of season shoes and coats.


Source: Apersonalorganizer

#12 An Artsy Corner

There are some entryways where there is really no place for clothes hooks or umbrella stands. To avoid the feeling of uselessness of this pace, create a skinny console where you display a few small decorative items.


Source: Houzz

#13 Go Minimalist

Minimalism is the art of placing little and sleek designed pieces of furniture in next to none space and make it appear larger. This should be your decorating philosophy if you have a small entryway. Here is a good example of it:


Source: ApartmentTherapy

#14 Paint Your Door in a Bold Color

There is one sure way to distract attention from a small entryway – choose a bright, statement color for the inner side of your front door. It works wonders!


Source: HouseBeautiful

#15 Choose Neutral Colors

The opposite of focusing attention on one brightly colored item is to diffuse visual focus by opting for neutral colors, such as off-white, beige and pearl grey.


Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

And we have reached the end of our tips and tricks for working with a small and narrow entryway. We hope you like at least one of these ideas and will use it to redecorate your own entryway.

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