Minimalism is a design trend which focuses on reducing furniture pieces and decoration to basic geometrical lines, decluttering rooms to the highest extent and focusing on built-in appliances which look as unobtrusively as possible. Apart from this, minimalism has a specific color palette, based on muted colors, strong contrasts and shades inspired from nature, especially earthy ones. It is the ideal decorating style for tiny rooms and this is why today we will show you ten examples of minimalist decor for small apartments.

#1 Sleek, Ultramodern Kitchen

All the appliances in this kitchen are cleverly built in the furniture. The dark tones are lightened by smooth, shiny surfaces and a sleek and futuristic design. This kitchen is highly functional and offers lots of walking space.

minimalist 1

Source: Home-Designing

#2 Just What You Need

This bedroom is the epitome of minimalism. All it contains in the bed, a chair, a sleek nightstand in the form of an open shelf and reading lamps. The muted, earthy tones are calming and the bed looks comfortable from a simple glance. This stark decor is actually very relaxing and encourages a good night’s sleep.

minimalist 3

Source: DwellCandy

#3 Mixed Materials

Minimalism encourages creating a creative mix between ultra-modern polished materials and traditional ones. The smooth marble floor in this image provides an excellent background to showcase the handmade wooden table and seats. Whenever you have such a family heirloom, it is worth finding a place for it in your modern looking apartment.

minimalist 5

Source: Quanvast

#4 Nordic Appeal

Europe’s northern countries have developed a style of their own, a minimalism which reflects their spirit and the nature around them. Lots of white surfaces, a beautiful blend of various natural materials, and uncompromising simplicity in the shapes of pieces of furniture define this clean and airy decor style.

minimalist 8

Source: Dezeen

#5 Yes, You Can Add Color

Like any other set of rules, minimalist design allows some variations or downright going against the rule. This living room is an excellent proof that you can add vivid colors to a minimalist theme and enhance it, not destroy it.

minimalist 11

Source: Decoist

#6 Niched Bedroom

The beauty of minimalism is that you can turn a simple niche into a functional room, without creating a cramped aspect. This bedroom is actually a niche created from the main studio room by installing a partition. The clever use of lighting, colors, and double duty furniture make it look extremely comfortable.

minimalist 2

Source: Home-Designing

#7 Clean Design in Black & White

Black and white is among the top color combinations favored by minimalist interior designers. The contrast is powerful, white opens up the space, while black provides a much needed accent color. If you really want to embrace minimalism, this super basic color palette is a must have.

minimalist 4

Source: DwellCandy

#8 Bar Style Kitchen

This open design works extremely well with minimalist furniture. The overall result is clean, inviting and with lots of light and traffic space to make your house look larger. It is also a very clever transition area for studio apartments which do not have a separate room for the kitchen area.

minimalist 6

Source: Qanvast

#9 Simplicity At Its Finest

There is something extremely satisfying in looking at the photo of this bathroom. The copper sink draws the eye with its bright color. It is not placed in the perfect center of the bathroom counter, so it creates a sense of wonder breaks an otherwise boring symmetry. Everything, as simple as it looks, is the result of careful planning. The result is stunning and seems so natural and effortless.

minimalist 7

Source: Dezeen

#10 The Paradox of Minimalism

Minimalism does not mean few and tiny, dainty pieces of furniture and decorations. It is not the human version of an ant farm. This room is decorated following sound minimalist principles, although it seems to break them: there is a sizable number of pieces of furniture and then there is the very large, very obvious artwork propped against the wall.

minimalist 12

Source: Decoist

We hope that these examples help you embrace this modern interior design style and make you realize that minimalist decor for small apartments is the best choice if you want a relaxed and clutter-free lifestyle.

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