I think it’s safe to say 2015’s keyword for home décor is “glamour”. From among all the spectacular colors and textures, let me present you this year’s latest trends.

1. Pantone’s color for 2015: Marsala


[image via decoholic]

From walls to furniture and decorative objects, you can use Marsala to color your home in 2015. The color inspires abundance and sophistication at the same time.

2. Bring Some Metal Shine in Home Decor

Metallic colors are also popular this year in home décor. Let’s check out few ideas on how we can arrange our homes this year so they look spectacular.

Gold, silver and copper. From small decorative cushions, to wall sconces and metallic mirror frames, you can add a touch of gold, silver or copper to every room of your house. You can also combine these colors to obtain a wow effect.




[image via makinglemonadeblog]

 3. Hanging Plants and Decorations

Other trends in home décor in 2015 are suspended decorations. Among these, here’s some interesting proposals:


[image via decoholic]

Whether you choose to hang plants, lamps or whatever you want, suspended decorations are a must in home décor for 2015. You can hang indoor or outdoor. According to decoholic.org, any ornaments with metallic hardware will complement this year’s star color, Marsala.

4. Textures Create Interesting Shapes

Decoholic.org also proposes textured surfaces to be introduced in the 2015 home décor trends.


[image via decoholic]


[image via popsugar]

 5. Bring Some Life Into Your Home

The last but not least, flowers. Flowers are a trend themselves. No matter the time of the year, we must always surround ourselves with flowers.


[image via popsugar]

Popsugar.com proposes we add a touch of ourselves when arranging flowers and use the chalkboard-paint to decorate the flower pots like this:


[image via .popsugar]


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