Storage might not be the most fun part of decorating but it’s no doubt essential to any house or apartment. If you plan it right, your apartment would be a lot less cluttered as everything has its own place. In this article you would find the most basic principles about home organization and some storage ideas for small spaces to start with. Apply these principles and ideas to keep your small space living smooth-sailing and stress-free.

First thing first: a place for everything

Storage, like many other aspects in home organization, needs planning in advance, and plenty of it. So think about what you will need to store, and where you would like to store it. These are a list of items that you need to come up with storage for:

  • Clothing and personal belongings (many women might have a headache thinking about their shoe storage, I know I did!). And this means for both adults and children (if you have)
  • Food and drink
  • Cooking equipment and utensils, tableware, glassware, linen and other table necessities
  • Entertainment related items such as DVDs, CDs, televisions or music system

If you are into sports or outdoor activities, you should consider these hobby related items too, such as badminton or tennis racquets, balls, skis, etc. In addition, there should be a place for your office supplies such as paper, pens, printer, documents, books and computer.

The list is endless, depending on the amount of basic items you have. As you live in a small space, you have to adopt a flexible approach in storage. In an ideal world, clothing will be stored in the bedroom, towels in laundry room or books in reading corners or home office. However as we are living in small spaces, you might need to arrange your things in a different way: by usage frequency. Things that you use often are kept in places that are easily accessible and less frequently used things are in places that are more difficult to reach.

Think creatively and laterally

Think of every possible place that could be used for storage. Do not limit to conventional storage spaces, there might be areas that are still empty in every room, from hallway, corridor, up and down. Anywhere that a shelf or an extra cupboard can be put without disturbing your normal movements around the house or apartment can make a nice storage area.

staircase small space storage idea

There’s no inches wasted under this staircase!

image credit

If you live in a converted building and your ceiling has different heights, a false ceiling could fix the proportion problem for your apartment and at the same time act as additional storage spaces.

Think “multifunctional”

When living in small spaces, many times you would have to give the same furniture several purposes in order to save space. For example book shelves can also carry the purpose of being a TV stand or windows can provide spaces for storing books.

storage ideas for small spaces

image via nijihomedesign

Combine decorative and functional. Displays in any room can be converted into alternative storage solutions. For example bag and shoe storage can be turned into a decoratively focal point by creative display or in nicely decorated cabinets.

small space storage ideas shoe display

Love this antique cabinet for shoe display!

image via this is glamorous

Remembering the three above mentioned principles, you will come up with even more creative storage ideas for small spaces. If you have any creative storage ideas of your own, don’t hesitate to share with others by submitting it through the “Contact me” form!

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