Plants and flowers brighten up any space where they grow, and for this reason many people choose to arrange small gardens on their balconies or patios. You can see rustic, elegant or even impressive arrangements, which look like a botanical garden in their own rights, just by lifting up your eyes to look at balconies above you. But what if your balcony is really tiny? How many options do you have? Actually, quite a lot. Today we will present you a list of ten plants for small balcony and patio, which will cheer up your apartment without taking over your whole home.

#1 Azaleas

The beautiful an unpretentious azaleas come in such variety of colors and patterns, that you will have a hard time selecting just a few of them for your balcony. They fare well in wet and warm seasons (however, you should bring them inside during the winter) and they grow in a bush, extending to the sides, rather than in height. They are an ideal choice for trays hanging from the balcony railings.

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Source: Balconycontainergardening

#2 Coleus

Coleus is a decorative plant which does not make flowers, but its leaves are absolutely stunning. With green running along the sides, deep red in the middle and white veins, the coleus plant is one of the most popular for balconies. It fares well in a pot and it does not grow very tall.

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Source: Boldsky

#3 Cactus

Cacti are very resilient plants, being accustomed to the dry climate of the desert. They are also an extremely complex family of plants, growing in unexpected shapes and some blossoming into incredibly beautiful flowers. For your small balcony, we opted for the Golden Barrel variety.

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Source: Houzz

#4 Tomatoes

Let us combine the pleasant with the useful. Our next recommendation is for a very useful plant. A variety of tomatoes grows very well on a balcony, in a pot, with a few wooden supports stuck in the soil to help it climb. And yes, the tomatoes they make are absolutely delicious (plus 100% bio, grown by you).

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Source: Inhabitat

#5 Succulent Plants

Succulent plants, such as aloe vera, are extremely decorative. Their thick and juicy leaves grow in a great variety of shapes and different varieties can coexist without any problem in the same pot. They are an ideal choice for hanging flower pots, or flowing along the railings.

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Source: Avso

#6 Lavender

Delicate and fragrant, lavender flowers are so easy to keep in a pot on the balcony. Plus, they will enrich your home with their perfume, and attract lots of colorful butterflies during the spring and summer.

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Source: Balconycontainergardening

#7 Geraniums

They love the sun and the shade, they are not very demanding in terms of caring for them and they brighten up your entire balcony. Geraniums are available in a large variety of colors and, through cross-pollination, they also develop new colors in the next spring. Pick several different colors and enjoy an ever changing balcony garden.

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Source: Inhabitat

#8 Spider Plant

This is one of the most popular hanging plants. It does not make flowers, but its long and thin leaves are very decorative, with various green and white stripes. They are resilient to different temperature and do not require special pruning or care.

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Source: Boldsky

#9 Wild Flowers

The most resilient and adaptable flowers are those growing spontaneously in fields. They can coexist peacefully in the same pot and create a pleasant and rustic atmosphere in your balcony.

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Source: Avso

#10 Pansies

Just like azaleas, pansies grow into such a huge variety of patterns and colors. Stunning contrasts or delicate shades, the soft petals, like velvet, make pansies very popular flowers both for public park and homes decoration.

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Source: Balconycontainergardening

There you are! Now you know what kind of flowers and plants for small balcony you can choose from to decorate your own.

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