An old Latin proverb says “small house, lots of peace”. It is true in some ways, but it is a challenge turning a tiny studio or a house with small rooms into a welcoming and warm place to call home. Your design and furnishing choices are necessarily influenced by the space you actually have. This is why many people simply give up trying to create their own style and are happy with whatever furniture and decorative items fit in each room. However, you can still have a stylish home in a tiny area. To prove this, we looked around and found lots of examples of space saving design for small spaces which will certainly inspire you.

#1 Remove Unnecessary Partitions

This beautiful living room used to consist of two rooms – the family room and the dining area. The family decided to remove the unneeded walls and now they enjoy a large, luminous room where they can display their favorite pieces of furniture and decorative items.

design 1

Source: Sunset

#2 Look Up to the Sky

This room may have a small surface, but has a lofty ceiling. While the bed may not be very large, it features four impressive posters pointing towards a sophisticated ceiling lamp. In this way, the family can enjoy their love for classic furniture and fit them in their small home.

design 4

Source: HGTV

#3 Beauty In All Corners

Small statement pieces of furniture change the feel of a room. And they needn’t sit in the middle of the floor to get noticed. This family opted for an original corner shelf where they display same decorative items.

design 5

Source: Vurni

#4 A Reader’s Paradise

When two book lovers meet, life can be complicated when they bring together their collections. Do not even think of suggesting them to give up their precious books. Instead, understand the concept of storage place anywhere: in the stairs, inside walls…The only problem these people have is choosing what to read right now.

desgn 12

Source: BoredPanda

#5 When You Can’t Make It – Fake It

These people would have loved a stylish table against the wall, but it would have taken up too much space. So…they put a fake table, in the shape of decals attached to the wall in front of a very tiny shelf. You were fooled at the first glance, weren’t you?

design 8

Source: WooHome

#6 The Mirror Effect

This family decided to jazz up their bathroom with a beautiful arrangement of small mirrors. On the corned wall, they decided to reproduce the arrangement in bright colors. The overall effect is of generous space and modern design. The bright colors add energy and positive vibes to the small bathroom.

design 10

Source: TheCanvasPrints

#7 The Curious Case of the Hollow Chair

This armchair looks imposing, comfortable…but rather too big for a tiny house. Wait a minute? What if you could get rid of the book case and store your books inside the chair? Well, that’s a totally different perspective. Just imagine – you sit in this sumptuous armchair, grab a book from inside its arm and read away.

design 13

Source: DesignBump

#8 The Table Tennis Door

Doing sports is great for the health. When the weather is fine, you can go outside and play. During the cold and snowy winter….this family flips the door and plays table tennis. This ingenious design helps them make the most of their tiny house and give their children the opportunity to practice sport all year round.

design 15

Source: HomesAndHues

#9 Extend Living Space Outside

People who live in a mild climate have the advantage of being able to spend time outside in every season. If you live in a tiny house with a tiny garden, make the most of it by extending your living space with a simple deck attached to the house where you can arrange a sofa, some armchairs, a mini-bar and coffee tables. Family dinners will now be even more enjoyable under the open sky, while the living room inside looks decidedly less cluttered.

design 2

Source: Sunset

#10 The Ever Popular Hide-A-Bed

A large comfortable bed by night, a spacious home office by day. All made possible by an old concept of beds which can be easily lifted to stand flatly against the wall when not needed. The hide-a-bed concept is now returning in full force, with the rising house prices, forcing families to choose smaller and smaller homes to live in.

design 3

Source: HGTV

#11 Show Some Leg

Furniture on high legs is always preferable to those which sit directly on the floor. And this need has revived mid-century design styles. We can see lots of retro looks in furniture stores, inspired by the 1960’s and 1970’s. These floating designs leave the entire floor surface visible and create the impression of larger space.

design 6

Source: Vurni

#12 A New Room Every Day

Modular furniture allows you to rearrange individual pieces in different configurations. Thus, you can have a small home office, or a generous seating area, or a bed, all with the same pieces of furniture. Made of sturdy, but lightweight materials, these pieces of furniture are easy to move and arrange even by just one person.

design 7design 7b Source: BoredPanda

#13 Hide Large Appliances

This person did not have enough space for a kitchen and a utility room – so they combined them. Lift the kitchen counter for chopping and seasoning ingredients for delicious dishes and you will discover the washing machine. Another proof that thinking out of the box pays off.

design 9

Source: WooHome

#14 The Mirror Game

Which is the true reflection in the mirror? It’s over there…and also over there. By placing two large mirrors adjacently, this family can easily imagine that their bathroom is much larger than its actual size.

design 11

Source: TheCanvasPrints

#15 The Folding Balcony

Enjoy a quiet stay in the sun on the balcony…then fold it back in and open the window. This revolutionary concept is a life saver for people living in tiny apartments without balcony who want to enjoy a bit of the outdoor sights whenever they want.

design 14

Source: HomesAndHues

Wow! That was fun! Now that you’ve looked at all these clever space saving design ideas for small homes which one will you adopt for your home?


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