When it comes to bedroom, it’s common to get a little creative and artistic to have your own comfortable and perfect space. However, it is not an easy thing to figure out the best way to set up the small bedroom, especially selecting and arranging furniture, color combination and wall design. Check out great tips for tiny yet beautiful bedroom arrangement!

Build up

Bed often takes up most space in the room, then it’s difficult to add a small office or a book shelf to it. You can take advantage of vertical space to place an office under the bed or bookshelf at the head of the bed, those make the room look neat and well-structured.



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Simple-yet-smart storage solution

It’s a clever and practical way to use double duty furniture. Just make sure your limited space is not only decorative but also functional. A bed with built-in storage, a sofa bed or extendable dinning table are really convenient. Those options help the room look organized, simple yet smart!




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Trick your eye with light colored wall

Light and bright color of wall, pillow, curtain, bedding, sheets give a sense of spaciousness. Recommended color are white, gray or other very pale shades. You can also use two or three colors with a clear tone that cover most of the space and one accent color to make the space more visually exciting.


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Built-in Shelf and Window seat

Windows are often used to get sun and light into bedroom, it is also a cool idea to combine a built-in shelf and window seat in order to create nice but cozy seating space next to the window.


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Double the space with mirror

Mirror is an effective way to reflect light, bright the space and really open it up. Your tiny yet beautiful bedroom now looks much bigger and more spacious.


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