As your baby grows up and becomes more and more independent, the time comes for him or her to join you at the breakfast and lunch table. Some parents place children in high chairs as soon as they can sit up on their own. And they keep using it until the child is able to sit on a regular chair. This means that you need to find a solid, safe and reliable high chair for your child. Oh, and one more thing: it also needs to fit in your small apartment and not be in the way when it is not used. We understand how difficult it is to find a good high chair with all these characteristics (and an affordable price) so we have decided to scout and compare various models. Now we can confidently recommend you the top 10 best high chairs for small spaces. Let us discover them!

#1 Affordable Luxury

Covered in fine, silver colored ecological leather, the Chico Poly Magic high chair looks great, feels extremely comfortable for your child and features an oversized tray which prevents food from dropping on the floor. It is easy to move thanks to the castor wheels, which can be blocked when your child is seated to prevent accidents.

high chair 2

Source: Parenting

#2 The Best Travel Companion

This extremely lightweight high chair (it weighs only 11 pounds) is an excellent choice not only for small apartments but also for traveling with the baby. Whenever you go on vacation, the Babybjorn high chair will prove a life saver whenever you need to stop over for lunch and you need a safe and sanitized seat for your baby.

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Source: Babble

#3 The Super Convertible

Although it takes more space than the other models presented here, the Graco Blossom 4-in-1 will prove a steady companion to your child until their school years. It serves as high chair, as a double seat for 2 children of different ages (great choice if you have several kids), has 6 height positions and 3 incline angles. You will get a lot of use from this sturdy chair and it is well worth the extra space it takes.

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Source: MomLovesBest

#4 Sleek Design and Long Term Use

The Svan Signet high chair is made of natural wood, occupies only a surface of 18 x 19 inches on the floor and it can serve your children as they grow as regular chair. This is a multi-functional, long term use high chair with a simple design, sturdy build and which really does not take a lot of space in your house.

high chair 8

Source: Parenthood

#5 Portable and Cute

This cheerfully colored high chair is very useful for busy moms. If features a carry handle and a storage basket. The Joie Mimzy Snacker chair is also foldable, making it an excellent choice for small apartment. Weighing only 13 pounds, it is also very useful for travels, as you can carry it around with no effort.

high chair 10

Source: MamaUnion

#6 Comfort Above Everything

Phil &Teds Highpod has the ultimate design for safety and comfort. It allows your child to snuggle naturally into it for an after meal nap and has many height and angle positions to fit your table and offer your child a comfortable position while eating and sleeping.

high chair 1

Source: Parenting

#7 Super Compact High Chair

Another great innovation from Phil & Teds, the Lobster high chair takes literally no space on the floor. It can be safely and securely fastened directly onto the table and allows your child to sit as close to the table as possible, with minimum food spillage on the floor.

high chair 4

Source: Babble

#8 The Faithful Companion

This high chair grows together with your child and will serve him or her for years. The buckle straps fastening allows you to affix the high chair to any of your existing kitchen chairs. This model from Fisher-Price is a really smart choice for small rooms and also features a five-point harness to keep your child securely bucked in.

high chair 6

Source: MomLovesBest

#9 Sci-Fi Inspired Model

The Bloom Fresco Chrome high chair looks straight out the Spaceship Enterprise or any famous Sci-Fi series. Its impressive, sleek design is doubled by the comfort and safety it offers your child and the flexible seat, which can be adjusted in any position. The high chair is also easy to clean thanks to the removable parts (a must have feature for busy moms).

high chair 7

Source: Parenthood

#10 Adjustable and Lightweight

The Concord Spin high chair is the best choice for fussy children which cannot find a comfortable seating position at the table. The adjustable footrest and the 4 height positions ensure that you will find the best combination for your child. The frame is made of aluminum, making this high chair both lightweight and also very sturdy. It also it folds incredibly flat, allowing you to prop it against the wall or squeeze it in a tight niche when you do not use it.

high chair 9

Source: MamaUnion

As you can see, even if you live in a really tiny apartment you can still find a solid, reliable and great looking high chair for your baby. We hope that one of these models of high chairs for small spaces is exactly what you were looking for.

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