The New Year is still freshly here with us and if you put home redecoration and redesign on the list of your resolutions, then you should start planning costs and contractors to make your dream come true on time. We would like to give you a helping hand by recommending some of the top home decor trends which interior decorators, architects and designers recommend. We have weighed in all their recommendations and selected 10 of them which we believe are easy to apply in every type of home, and on a moderate budget.

#1 Living Rooms Go Offline

Do you have a smart TV connected to the internet? Does everyone bring their laptops and smartphones and clutter the coffee table with high tech gadgets? Time to put them away, to other rooms in the house. The new living room concept is an airy space, with as little distractions as possible from direct interactions between people. Minimalist design is the keyword here, as well as natural, relaxing colors, helping your family build meaningful connections and conversations.

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Image source: Elledecor

#2 Bold, Neon Color for Teens’ Room

Young and wild at heart, your teenage children feel the need to express their personality in any possible way. Give them a helping hand by redecorating their room in bold, statement colors, as vibrant as their inexhaustible energy and potential for mischief. Adding in colorful canvas prints can bring a burst of color and add character to the room to really make it their own.

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Image source: Lushome

#3 Embrace the Colors of Nature

That beautiful shade of yellow of the autumn leaves…the solid and comfortable hue of fertile earth…the solid color of stainless steel…all these natural colors should be included in the color scheme of your favorite room, offering you a safe sanctuary of rest and relaxation. These pastel tones are recommended to alleviate stress and create a mood of serenity and well-being.

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#4 Functional Accessories

In a small living space, every square inch matters. So you always have to think twice before buying a decorative object. Will it add to the clutter instead of embellishing the room? Probably yes. The solution is to choose decorative items which are also useful, such as copper ewers in which you can brew coffee, or a crafted piece of pottery which you can also use to store spices or other supplies.

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Image source: Interiorzine

#5 Ethnic Prints

South America is the cradle of many amazing cultures, such as the Mayans and the Aztecs. Their legacy to the modern generation is a luxuriant explosion of colors and prints which can be seen in their clothes, their home decorations and their furniture. Ethnic prints are also making their way into US and European homes, adding a drop of vibrant life and the exotic touch to our rooms. You can start with a few cushions for your sofas, or go all the way with bed linens and quilts.

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Image source: Lushome

#6 Back in Home Decor Trends: Grandma’s Tableware

Do you remember those dinners where the table was full of beautiful china gravy boats and soup tureens? Do you remember the stern looks you got when you poured milk in your coffee straight from the bottle and not from the special pitcher? Well, those days are back. Family meals need to rediscover the rituals and traditions which bring unity and a sense of belonging. Regaining good table manners, fussing around the dinner table to set every piece perfectly is back in trends. Well, for many of you, it never went out of fashion. Good for you!

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Image source: HouseBeautiful

#7 Return of the Formal Dining Room

In line with the fully set dinner table, interior designers insist on creating a dining room in your home. No more eating in the kitchen, or around the TV set, or worse in front of the computer. Defining a special space where everyone gathers for having meals is one of the great come-backs in terms of home decoration and furnishing.

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Image source: Elledecor

#8 The Statement Bathroom

The bathroom is not just the place where we take a shower, shave or wash our hands. It is a living space where we spend quality time relaxing and enjoying a fragrant bath. So, why would it be a bland area, with nondescript tiles and no decorations?

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Image source: Lushome

#9 Wallpaper Art

Wallpaper is the cheaper alternative to wall paint. Until now, you had limited options in terms of patterns, colors and textures. But all that is about to change. Designers are working hard together with manufacturers and will come up with amazing wallpaper models to choose from.

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Image source: HouseBeautiful

#10 Color Accents

The overall interior design trend for 2016 is to furnish a room in neutral, earthy colors, and add a few items, such as chairs or carpets, in bright, vibrant colors, to highlight the room and create a focus of visual attention.

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Image source: Interiorzine

And we’ve reached the end of our list of recommendations. Which of these home decor trends works best for your home?

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