There is nothing more pleasant during a hot summer day than to feel a cool draft of air over your face while sitting in your room. A lot of people use floor fans with adjustable leg and manage to cool an entire room thus. For people living in small spaces that is not really an option. The only solution for these people is installing a fan on the ceiling. We found this idea worth thinking of. After a little research, we have identified these models of small room ceiling fans which we will present to you:

#1 The Retro Look

The tarnished bronze aspect and retro design give this ceiling fan a timeless charm. It is also very compact sized and can be installed even in rooms with a low ceiling without any danger for anyone walking through it (even very tall people).

ceiling fan 9

Source: Lampsplus

#2 The Aviator

This double ceiling fan is inspired from 1920’s era airplanes. The sleek, modern materials combined with the old-fashioned design make this ceiling fan fit in any kind of room. This ceiling fan has the advantage of cooling two different areas of the room at the same time.

ceiling fan 8

Source: Universalfans

#3 The Minimalist

If you do not like the idea of fast moving blades right above your head, this minimalist type of ceiling fan will do the trick. The short blades are installed in an upward angled position, to create as much air circulation as possible by sending wafts of air into the ceiling, to be bounced back down towards the floor.

ceiling fan 5

Source: Delmarfans

#4 The Traditional Gyro

With this great looking ceiling fan you get the most air circulation possible in a small room: the two ventilator units move in a gyroscopic fashion, thus covering the entire room. The 360 degrees movement ensures that no corner of the room is left without a cool waft of air once every few minutes.

ceiling fan 3

Source: Lumens

#5 The Stainless Steel Multi-Speed Fan

This model of fan features 5 blades angled at 12 degree blade pitch. The stainless steel build makes it adequate for open patios or balconies, as well. By default, the fan is equipped with a 3-speed pull chain. You can also purchase a remote control or wall mounted control unit separately.

ceiling fan 6

Source: Yaleappliance

#6 The Children Room’s Fans

Kids enjoy ceiling fans as much as adults. If they are also brightly colored, creating unexpected color patterns as they move, they become even more interesting for a child. This is a model which most certainly will become an instant hit with your kids.

ceiling fan 7

Source: Universalfans

#7 The Ultra-Sleek Fan

Wrapped around the ceiling light, this model of fan is a must-have for people who enjoy the latest trends in design. The futuristic look and space-saving, compact size recommend this ceiling fan for any small hallway, living room or bedroom.

ceiling fan 1

Source: Lumens

#8 The Traditional Ceiling Fan & Lamp

If you prefer the traditional style, this type of fan and lamp combo will fit in perfectly with the rest of your decorations and furniture. It has a classic elegance which will look absolutely great in the living room.

ceiling fan 4

Source: Delmarfans

#9 The Leafy Style

For this original looking ceiling fan, the designers found inspiration in the look of leaves. The simple and compact design of the fan is just what you need for your small living room or hallway.

ceiling fan 10

Source: Lampsplus

#10 The Compact Retro

Finally a ceiling fan which will satisfy both the lovers of all things retro and people who love compact sized items for their small rooms. The retro look of this lamp and fan combo is perfectly adapted for any kind of room and furniture style.

ceiling fan 2

Source: Lumens

And this is the end of our list of recommendations for small room ceiling fans. As always, please remember that we do not endorse or gain any affiliate revenues from the online sources we mention as sources for the photos we share in our articles.

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