If you live in a detached house, most certainly you have a garage. And we are confident to bet that you are probably not getting the most of this space. When the rest of your house is rather small and cramped, you cannot afford the luxury of letting the garage continue to store useless and old tools, travel cases and other items. But what can you do with a garage except…well, keep your cars in it? Here are 12 inspirational examples of the best garage remodeling projects we have found. As you will notice, these projects were given various useful functions, some of which you wouldn’t believe if you didn’t see them with your own eyes.

#1 A Cool Home Office

This home based entrepreneur loves everything retro and enjoys the music of the famous Rat Pack. He decided that he really needed a home office which suits his tastes, away from the noise and distractions in the house. The garage proved to be the ideal choice and the remodeling work looks absolutely impressive.

garage 10

Source: HGTV

#2 Formula 1 Ready

We are ready to bet this person loves car races and decided to turn their garage into a Formula 1 stand for their car. We really love the contrast between the bright red and the checkered floor and the visual delimitation of various useful areas in this garage.

garage 2

Source: GaragePictures

#3 The Cool Man Cave

This garage has it all: home office, generous parking area, and even traffic lights! We also spot a life sized Tardis in the corner so probably we are dealing with a time traveler under cover. We are not sure how the garage looked like in the past, but right now it’s spot on!

garage 3

Source: Lotusep

#4 The Craftsman’s Corner

This skilled and enthusiastic craftsman needed a place to work at ease and without disturbing the rest of his family. The garage proved the ideal spot for his woodworking workshop and it looks really cozy and well organized.

garage 6

Source: Houzz

#5 The Coolest Bar in Town

Some people would love to have their own bar at home and not have to go out in the city to find one. This family decided to stop wishing and do something about it. And their home bar is truly the envy of the whole town! From Fussball table to dart board, flat screen TV and cards table, this bar has it all. This family’s friends are truly lucky people!

garage 8

Source: Improvenet

#6 Home Cinema

There is nothing more pleasant than to relax in a comfortable seat, grab a cool drink and some popcorn and enjoy a great movie. It is even more pleasant when the cinema hall is at home, in your garage! This family decided to put the garage to better use by providing their children and friends with a unique experience of watching a movie in the best possible conditions.

garage 12

Source: HGTV

#7 A Well Organized Place

This family took a practical approach to their garage remodeling project. They wanted to expand the storage capacity of their small home and provide space for the car, as well. A series of cabinets and ceiling mounted racks solved the problem.

garage 9

Source: GarageLiving

#8 A Cozy Living Room

There is nothing more pleasant than to sit in a living room, read a book, listen to music or watch a movie. But when you have a tiny house and every inch of space is accounted for, you need to sacrifice something: your garage. But when you look at the end result is really worthwhile!

garage 1

Source: GaragePictures

#9 The Sportsman’s Retreat

We are impressed by this person’s range of hobbies: fishing, hunting, pool. Certainly, any keen sportsman needs a place for their equipment and trophies. When no other place in the house is available, the garage proves to be an excellent choice in this respect.

garage 4

Source: Lotusep

#10 A Greenhouse

Many people prefer to grow their own vegetables and herbs so that they can maintain a healthy diet. If you do not have even a patch of garden available, there is one thing to do: turn the garage into a greenhouse. This will also help you have fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers all through the year, even during the winter.

garage 5

Source: Houzz

#11 Let The Games Begin

Fans of arcade games will love this garage remodeling project: a cool game and a score board will keep the entire family busy during a cold, rainy weekend. And we can imagine that their friends are also competing for the highest score, too.

garage 7

Source: Improvenet

#12 Your Own Personal Casino

Well, let Monte Carlo pale with envy! This remodeled garage looks every bit the luxury casino we see in gangster movies. And there is plenty of room still left for a bar and, why not, a roulette. These people surely know how to live the good life within a reasonable budget.

garage 11

Source: HGTV

Wow! That was truly impressive and it goes to show that almost anything is possible when you set your mind to it. These are not just the best garage remodeling examples, they show that you can enjoy your hobbies and create a personal space even in a small house. What is your remodeling idea?

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