So far we have tried to give you useful advice for decorating and furnishing your small house, finding ingenious storage solutions and, in general, making the most of your available living space. Today we will do something different: we will give you a run down of the biggest small space decoration don’ts. Some of these are so frequent, that you may not even be aware that you are undermining the potential of your small home to look and feel spacious and comfortable.

#1 Don’t Use Too Many Patterns

If you are going with stripes on the wall, don’t place a sofa with checkered upholstery and a carpet with circles. Plan the look of your room in the same way you plan your wardrobe for going out. Would you wear pieces of clothing with three types of patterns? Obviously not. It looks bad on you and it also looks bad in a room. Too many patterns make it look small and crowded. Go for maximum two types of contrasting patterns, preferably large ones.

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#2 Don’t Neglect to Use Every Available Space

Some spaces are overlooked because they seem unlikely. However, you cannot afford to be picky when you live in a small space. Every inch of horizontal and vertical space must be used, either for incorporating storage solutions, or for decorations and pieces of furniture. So, take a good look at your home and discover all the angles and surfaces which you can put to good use.

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#3 Don’t Avoid Oversized Carpets

There is a preconceived idea making the rounds on the internet that if you want to make a room seem larger you have to place small rugs on it. That is absolutely wrong. Small rugs spread all over the room actually enhance its smallness. It is as if you want people to notice the small surface of your floor. Instead, opt for a large statement carpet and proudly display it.

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#4 Don’t Underestimate the Vertical Space in the Bathroom

A lot of people seek storage spaces under the sink, or next to the bath tub. That means that your already restricted walking space will be even smaller. Instead, try to discover a system of cabinets which can be placed on the walls, on both sides of the mirror. In this way, you solve two issues at the same time: you save horizontal space and you have more room to walk around the bathroom, and you have everything you need handy as you wash, shave, style and arrange your hair in the morning.

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#5 Don’t Place Your Furniture Against the Wall

This should be the first rule of small space decoration: never push your furniture against the wall in the attempt of making the room look more spacious. You will achieve the opposite effect: people will notice how small your room is. Instead, create an island in the middle of the room with various seating configurations and create pathways around it.

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#6 Don’t Overdecorate Windows

If you live in a small room, you need as much light flowing in through the windows. And if you feel the need for some privacy, you should opt for simple blinds, in neutral colors. Do not add heavy curtains or draperies, they will only block out the light and make the room seem too busy with items, patterns, and colors. Keep it simple and your room will look more airy and spacious.

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#7 Don’t Underestimate the Effect of Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are always a great way to enhance the look of a room. Instead of choosing various bric-a-brac, opt for a few colorful pillows to place on the sofa or armchair. They integrate with the existing furniture and do not create the perception of taking up extra space in the room.

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As you can see, most of the small space decorating don’ts we have presented here relate mostly to ways in which you should not overlook the possibilities of saving up space and creating a pleasant and comfortable home for you and your family. Good luck with the redecorating!

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