What makes a house a warm and inviting home? It is all about the personal touches: the furniture, the decorations, the color palette of the walls, floors and doors, the way everything seems to be in its place and belong there. Interior decoration is a booming business and it can create wonders from the most nondescript buildings and living areas. But when both the budget and the space are restricted, home owners have to use their own resourcefulness and creativity to make the best of what they have. In this article, we want to give you a few helpful ideas if you have just bought a home and prepare to decorate it. We have taken a look at interior design trends around the world and compiled a list of the best decor ideas for small apartments for your inspiration.

#1 Rugs Set the Note

Carpets and rugs are not just useful to keep you warm as you walk barefoot around your apartment. They are very powerful visual elements which change the entire aspect of a room. For small apartments the best type of rugs are monochrome, without patterns and in a light, natural tone – from pearl grey to beige, light mustard or peach. Pastel colors always light up a room and make it seem bigger.


Source: HGTV

#2 Create a Consistent Color Theme

If you live in a studio apartment, the best way to decorate it without making it look stuffy and crowded is to pick a color theme which consists of no more than 2 contrasting colors and go with it all over the place. White and red, as seen in this example, is a great choice: white opens up the space and red is a bold color focusing visual attention.


Source: Freshome

#3 Opt for Ceiling High Furniture

Ceiling high bookshelves or wardrobes serve two functions: they maximize storage space, freeing up the floor, and they create a decoration in itself for the room. Do not be afraid to pair ceiling high furniture with statement lamps or small chandeliers – anything focusing visual attention upwards is a great decoration idea for a small apartment.


Source: HouseBeautiful

#4 Turn Awkward Areas Into The Best Feature of Your Home

What is so special about this room? It does not have a standard floor plan, the windows are placed at awkward angles….how can you possibly decorate it in a pleasant way? Here is how: turn the disadvantage into an advantage. The area between the windows is perfect for showcasing a cozy sofa and the potted plants on the window sills add life and a spot of color to the apartment.


Source: Brit

#5 Color Theme Each Room

Even imperial palaces have their color themed rooms: the blue room, the green room, the gold room. Why wouldn’t you do the same? Pick a light but vivid color and decorate the entire room using it. And we mean the entire room, from door and window frame color, to furniture, carpet and walls.


Source: BHG

#6 When In Doubt, Go White

The simplest way to decorate a small apartment, without many sources of natural light is to make it all while: walls, furniture, decorations, etc. It will be a challenge to keep it neat and clean, but the effort is worthwhile: the apartment looks and feels more spacious than it actually is.


Source: Houseandgarden

#7 Embrace Minimalism

The minimalist style is in full swing among the rich and famous, as well as among regular people. It is a clean, de-cluttered philosophy of furnishing and decorating space, leaving as much free walking area as possible and promoting simple, clean lines and designs in every object. It looks modern and hi-tech and it is an excellent choice of decor for small apartments.


Source: Decoist

#8 Eclectic Chic

The bold and quite different types of decorations on the adjacent walls of this apartment represent the most important decor feature. The choice of designs and color, complementary to the furniture, creates a youthful and whimsical looking living space which in no way you would consider too small and cramped.


Source: Home-Designing

#9 Let It Be Light

Small apartments are often quite dark after the living space is divided in various functions and pieces of furniture are installed. This is what makes them feel small and crowded. Counteract this with as many sources of light as possible, strategically placed to light up every corner.


Source: HGTV

#10 Curtains Do the Trick

If you are not too keen on a bigger electricity bill, the alternative to more lamps is no walls. That’s right, get rid of walls and replace them with curtains for privacy. Actually, open space apartments are becoming more and more trendy, even when we speak of large luxury condos. Be trendy, go with curtains!


Source: Freshome

#11 Exposed Bricks

Industrial style is back in trends right after the recent wave of old factories converted into apartments. You do not have to leave all your walls bare, but difficult areas, where you are not sure what kind of decorations to put, are the best to scrap down to the brick layer.


Source: Brit

#12 Transparent Furniture

The best way to decorate a really tiny apartment is by investing in transparent furniture: glass topped coffee tables and transparent plastic chairs are easy to find because they are very popular and can be easily integrated into any kind of room decor.


Source: BHG

And we have reached the end of our list of recommendations for the best decor styles for small apartments. As you can see, it is not extremely difficult or expensive to turn your tiny apartment into a pleasant and cozy looking home.

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