Every new year brings the promise of change, of renewed hope and of better things to look forward to. In terms of fashion and style, every year ushers in new trends, while making others obsolete. Interior design is no different – every year, specialists recommend new shapes, styles, colors and textures to freshen up the look of our homes. 2017 promises to be a vibrant year, one in which the accent is placed on vivid colors, comfort and coziness and a return to the bohemian look. But let us not get ahead of ourselves and give out all the surprises from the start. Instead, allow us to share with you, one by one, the top home decor trends for this year.

#1 Mixing Patterns

No more geometric rigor in the patterns around the room – if you like ethnic shapes combined with large circles or rigid squares, you can go ahead and use them together. In a world of flat screen TVs and smartphone screens grabbing our attention, it is refreshing to look around at the real world and admire its complex shapes and textures.

decor 2

Source: ElleDecor

#2 Navy Is the New Black

No more whitewashed, pastel tones all over the room! It is time to make a bold statement with a dark, contrasting color – and the color of choice for 2017 is navy. Solid, soothing and dependable, navy is a calming color and can be used to accept as special area, such as the kitchen island or the dining table.

decor 4

Source: HouseBeautiful

#3 Precious Colors

Jewel colors are now among the most desirable wall and furniture shades in demand. From the bright ruby red to the deep and comforting tone of amethyst, any jewel inspired color you prefer is the right choice for a makeover of your home.

decor 6Source: Brit

#4 A Rustic Touch

Forget about cutting edge, hi-tech or minimalist looking kitchen inspired from the space age. Go back to your grandma’s country cottage and find inspiration for furnishing and decorating your kitchen. The warm and homey feeling of your refurbished kitchen will certainly be appealing to all your family members.

Skegg Kitchen

Source: Inman

#5 Frameless Artwork

Acrylic sheets are the perfect replacement for classic frames for photos and paintings. Plus, they create an amazing floating effect, and do not distract the viewer’s attention from the artwork itself.

decor 10

Source: Refinery29

#6 Something Old, Something New

Mix and mismatch is the motto of interior design trends for 2017. This bohemian chic style involves creating an eclectic mix of traditional and classic furniture with modern models, such as this antique looking chandelier and fireplace coupled with hi-tech see through chairs.

decor 12

Source: ArchitecturalDigest

#7 Bring In the Green

2016 was a year full of negative connotations and events, so the color standards company Pantone decided to add a pinch of optimism to 2017 by declaring Greenery as the color of the year. Greenery is a light and bright tone of green, the color of freshly grown leaves and grass in spring. It is a lively, happy color which can transform any home in a more beautiful one.

decor 1

Source: ElleDecor

#8 Faux Marble Surfaces

From floors to walls and ceiling, marble pattern is the winning texture for your home in 2017. The subtle design of natural marble texture is ideal for showcasing a small room and making it feel larger and more comfortable.

decor 3

Source: HouseBeautiful

#9 Faux Fur

There is no reason to stop enjoying the feeling of soft fur when you can get it without hurting animal. Faux fur is identical in look and feel to the real thing and it is the best topper for chairs and sofas in 2017.

decor 5

Source: Brit

#10 Retro Appliances

Vintage styles are back – especially when it comes to large home appliances, like fridges and washing machines. 1950s and 1960s inspired designs are back, together with bright and vivid colors.

decor 7

Source: Inman

#11 Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word meaning “comfort” and “coziness”. It can be achieved by decorating your house with everything which inspires warmth, such as hand knit blankets and cushions.

decor 9Source: Refinery29

#12 Bring Nature Inside

We are living in a more and more artificial environment, torn from nature and immersed into offices and computers. If you cannot spend more time outside, then you should bring nature inside. Apartment plants and flowers are the best way to spruce up your home and to add some color to your life.

decor 11

Source: ArchitecturalDigest

And this is the end of our list of home decor trends for 2017. Which one do you like best? Share your opinions with us in comments below!

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