Autumn is with us already. Children go back to school, everyone is looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, while interior designers share with us the top trends for furnishing and decorating your home. Every home owner can make their house look stylish and comfortable, no matter how large or small it is. So today we will take a look at the top interior decor trends for this fall and help you find inspiration in order to give your home a fresh look. Let’s go!

#1 Reinventing Minimalism

Minimalism has been around for some time as an architectural and decorating trend and has gone through some extremes. However, right now there is a new concept of minimalism, which does not focus on the scarcity of items, but rather on redefining shapes, decorations, furniture in order to create a clean and uncluttered design, without leaving the room almost bare.


Source: Architecturaldigest

#2 Bold, Modern Prints

Printed fabric has always been in fashion in one manner or another. From extremely severe geometric shapes to charming ethnic quilts, the American homes have embraced every trend and fashion imaginable. Right now, it is the moment to bring modern patterns into your house. They do not have to be abstract, or minimalist, but they have to bring an explosion of color and unexpected shapes, turning your bedroom and living room into a veritable museum of modern art.


Source: Skimbacolifestyle

#3 Luxurious Simplicity

A few statement items are all you need to put in a room to give it an image of refined luxury. Just like everything else, luxury continues to go through transformations and reinterpretations. Right now, less is more is the definition of luxury, allowing beautifully crafted furniture and decorations to stand out.


Source: Amara

#4 Purple Rules

A rich and noble color, purple has come back to claim its throne. It is a sophisticated color for living rooms and bedrooms, coupled with fine and high quality materials. For a more dramatic accent, use only one item of furniture and decoration in purple to make it the focus of visual attention.


Source: DecoratingDiva

#5 Mixed Materials

Wood and metal, granite and metal, glass and wood…whatever combination you prefer, bring it into your home. The more unexpected the combination, the better. For example, a chrome colored iron rail in front of a stone fireplace, or a modern looking glass table next to a classic solid wood dresser will create an interesting and trendy contrast.


Source: Bykoket

#6 Bring Nature’s Colors in Your Home

The time of painted and varnished wood is gone for now. Instead, allow the natural beauty of wood color and vein to shine and give your house an organic look. This year marks a return to nature from many points of view in interior decor, and specialists state that you can never do better than nature, so be satisfied with imitating it.


Source: Architecturaldigest

#7 Floral Prints

Just another proof that nature is truly the queen of interior decorations this year. Floral prints, bold, colorful, imitating nature or abstract are among the top trends for curtains, carpets and upholstery.


Source: Skimbacolifestyle

#8 Geometric Prints

For the rigorous minds who enjoy order, straight lines and clearly defined angles, we have good news: geometric prints are also among the top interior decor trends for this fall. Enjoy you neatly designed room and rest assured that designers approve it whole-heartedly.


Source: Bykoket

#9 Artisan Items

Handmade carpets, lamps, decorations or pieces of furniture become more and more popular. They are unique, bring an air of originality and human touch to your home and you can find them at various craft fairs for an affordable price.


Source: Amara

#10 Everything Fluffy

Chair tops, carpets, pillows, blankets – the fluffier they are, the trendier they are. It is understandable: winter is coming (to quote a popular TV series) and everyone wants to cuddle next to a soft and warm fabric, offering comfort after a long day out in the inclement weather.


Source: DecoratingDiva

We really hope that at least one of this top interior design trends is to your liking, and within your budget. Remember, your home is your castle and you should always try to make it more beautiful, inviting and comfortable for yourself and your family.

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