If you have a small bedroom like me, you will constantly look for places to store your ever mounting pile of things. Your wardrobe can easily reach its maximum capacity soon so it’s better to look out for other storage options. In this article we will examine 6 most popular under bed storage ideas, together with some tips to help your under bed storage more efficient and eye pleasing.

#1 – Trunk beds with drawers

This is the easiest and also most aesthetic way for under bed storage as drawers are convenient to store daily used items. IKEA offers some very good and inexpensive trunk beds that I have been interested in for a while. So if you need to buy a new bed, consider one with built-in storage drawers.

trunk bed storage drawers

Trunk bed

image via mauicloset.com

#2 – Beds with lift up mattress

This bed with the lift up mattress is the perfect way to store the items that are not in your daily use, for example suit cases, old books, etc. This particular bed in the below picture is from Flou and even has a built-in book shelf. Talk about easy access to your bedtime stories!

trunk bed lift up mattress

Lift up mattress

image via blog.michellekaufmann.com

#3 – Ready made under bed storage boxes without wheels

These bags and boxes can be found in any furniture store and are very inexpensive. The material can be soft fabric, plastic or rattan. The boxes with handles makes pulling them out from under the bed easier. However because they don’t have wheels, it is more convenient to store off-season clothing or old items that are not any more used frequently.

underbed storage box

Storage box

image via www.walmart.com

The particular underbed storage box above is from WalMart and is sold at $14.97. The fact that it has handles, label spots for better classification and cedar inserts to protect sweaters from moths make this box a great choice for under bed storage. Container Store also has a great selection of under bed storage so it’s worth checking them out.

#4 – Under bed storage boxes with wheels

Storage boxes with wheels allow you to store items that are in daily use. Many bed frames come with optional under bed storage boxes. For example the high version of IKEA’s Malm bed frame comes with external boxes if you need additional storage.

under bed storage ideas malm

Malm under bed storage box

image via www.ikea.com

#5 – Cover them with bed skirt

You don’t have to spend top dollars to buy pretty under bed boxes and drawers if you hide them away with long pretty bed skirt! You can even make the bed skirt inexpensively yourself. Here is a tutorial on how to make a cheap (but pretty) bed skirt without a sewing machine!

under bed storage bed skirt

DIY bed skirt

image via twoityourself.blogspot.com

#6 – DIY under bed storage closet with wheels

under bed storage diy drawers casters

DIY under bed drawers

image via melancholysmile.blogspot.com

A wooden box, an old wine crate or an unused drawer can be turned into great under bed storage with a few knobs and rolling casters. Melancholy Smile has a great tutorial on how to make the above under bed drawers for a fraction of the cost of the same drawer in furniture stores.

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