As the winter holidays get closer, it is time to start preparing your home and giving it the warm, festive spirit which your whole family loves. This year, try not to leave everything to the last minute, but little by little spruce up your rooms and the garden outside. We would like to propose you some beautiful and easy to achieve home decoration projects which will make any home look beautiful and inviting. It does not matter if your house is small or large, these DIY projects are adapted for any type of home – and they do not require complicated skills or special talents.

#1 DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

Instead of buying baubles from stores, just like everyone else, set aside a weekend and enlist your family’s help for a creative task: designing and manufacturing your own, 100% original Christmas tree decorations. This little project will be a lot of fun for everyone. And when your friends come to visit you for Christmas, they will certainly admire your tree and its homemade decorations.

handmade tree ornaments

Image source: Countryliving

#2 Extend Your Home Decoration Projects to the Front Entrance

It is great to show your guests how welcome they are from the moment they knock on your door. You can do that with a new and creative door knocker, a fresh and lively coat of paint on your door and door frame and a nice trimming to the plants and vegetation around the entrance to your home. If everyone in your family performs a specific task, you will finish the job in one weekend.

front door renovation idea

Image source: Bhg

#3 Cover up Wall Imperfections

Maybe you are not ready for a full renovation of your home – which is understandable given the necessary budget. But this does not mean that you should let your guests see the faded paint or the small cracks on the wall. Artwork is the best cover-up for these imperfections. You can buy some paintings…or create your own and proudly display it.

wall decoration

Image source: Bhg

#4 Get Creative with Scrabble Blocks

Whether you decide to hang them in the Christmas tree, or incorporate them in table decorations and center pieces, customized holiday inspired messages and wishes made from scrabble blocks are fun to make and beautiful to display. You can create personalized messages for your guests and use them instead of placeholders on the table.

scrabble tiles ornaments

Image source: Countryliving

#5 Rearrange Your Furniture

This is a very simple way in which you can make your house look different, without spending any money. Sit down with your family for a brainstorming session and decide how to arrange the furniture in the living room to make it look more inviting, to create small islands of armchairs and coffee tables which encourage people to sit down and engage in conversations.

furniture reorganizing

Image Source: Myhomeideas

#6 Get Creative With the Walls

If you decided to add a new coat of paint to your walls, then you should add some creativity to the process. And you can get your whole family involved, everyone working on a wall to finish the home improvement project in one weekend. What do you think of this idea?

diy wall painting

Image source: Architecturendesign

#7 Personalized Centerpieces

Centerpieces are a must for a successful Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner. There are various models available to purchase, but none will look as good and original as the ones crafted by your own hand and using your own ideas.

handmade centerpiece

Image source: Myhomeideas

#8 Add Some Color to Your Backyard

You can spruce up the look of your backyard with some cleverly arranged flower beds. Where will you arrange them? How about inside old tires, beautifully spray painted in bright colors?

painted tires

Image source: Architecturendesign

#9 Homemade Advent Calendar

Create a beautiful and family oriented advent calendar and pick your best loved photos to place in each envelope. Since you are doing a DIY projects, do not buy envelopes, make them yourself!

advent calendar handmade

Image source: HGTV

#10 Homemade Gifts

Why spend money on gifts when you can gather with your family and craft unique ones for your loved ones? The earlier you start making them, the more complex ideas you can put into practice. We really love this large interchangeable photo frame.


Image source: Honeybearlane

There you go, during those cold and gloomy weekends to come before the winter holidays you and your family can spend time in a pleasant and useful manner. These simple home decoration projects will help you prepare your house to receive guests and look truly festive for Christmas and the New Year’s Eve.

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